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  Tuxedo   :: Three Piece Suit Vested Men's Dress at USA
Three Piece Suit Vested Men's Dress at USA

Dressing properly for a job interview can be the important factor in getting the job. When competition is keen, details make the difference. Dress is the most important factor for the interview. The interviewer is getting a first impression from dressing and body language. It is impossible to overcome too often if first impression is negative. It is important to invest the time and money necessary to attain the right look.

It is good to make an expense on new good suit for an interview. Keep in mind when select a suit that it goes with your personality.

Some of tips for men’s dress which is same for most professional men.


Suit is a dress for success of men. A suit with matching coat and pants is the standard for all professional men. A Three Piece Suit Vested can add authority and a different look to men’s look.

STYLE should be single-breasted and traditional. Designer suits that are highly fitted are not advisable for interviewing or truly professional settings. Either single center or double side vents in the back are acceptable. Side vents are very good on men with big behinds, but they are very hard to find with a traditional cut. Suits should be plain with no fancy or contrasting buttons, stitching, or western trim.

COLOR AND PATTERNS should be solid, pinstripe or some cases, subtle plaid. The best colors are shades of blue, gray or beige. Browns, blacks and greens are not recommended. The most effective suits make psychological impact. The best suit to buy for interviewing is a vested dark blue solid. By changing shirt colors and ties, different looks and style can be achieved, and each will be professional.

FABRICS for suits should be wool or wool blended with polyester. In this climate, wool is usually too warm, but generally, the higher the wool content, the richer looking the suit. Textured polyester is all right if it looks like wool. Polyester also has the advantage of not wrinkling too badly when worn in hot weather. Cotton or linen suits are good but they wrinkle very badly in just hour of wear. It is best to avoid nylon, rayon, mohair, silk, denim and corduroy.

FITTING a suit correctly is as essential as buying the right suit. The pants should be fitted first, starting at the waist. The waist should be worn just above the navel and horizontal to the ground. The waist should be tight enough to prevent bulges under the belt but loose enough so that you can comfortably slip the flat of your hand in and out.

The seat of the pants should not bag but must allow enough room so that the front pockets do not pull and sitting is comfortable. If the seat is too large, ask the fitter to pin it rather than just chalking it, because it will affect the length. The same guidelines apply to fitting the crotch. The legs of the pants can be left either plain or cuffed. The vest should be fitted so that there is no pulling or sagging when sitting or standing. It is important check sitting and stand position to be sure there are no problems in sitting.

The vest should fit smoothly but not bind during normal movement. It should not balloon when sitting. It should be long enough to overlap the front of the pants so that the shirt does not show between them. A two-button, slim fitting suit is both classic and stylish, with the color either gray or navy, but the fabric depends on when to wear it.

A Three Piece Suit Vested will have either two side adjusters or the more common back adjuster. A nested suit would be proportionate to the suit.


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