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Look Classy with Off White Dinner Jacket

Dinner jacketsSince then Black has always been the color of formality especially when it comes to men's fashion until now. However, fashion does not remain stagnant while the time runs. Fashion Gurus have developed and conceptualized more colors that go beyond with the basic perspective of formality, in order to give men the aesthetic look of distinction.

If you Imagine all men wearing black dinner jacket during sunny weather, it would be very unpleasant and uncomfortable to see men with that type of color. It would be better if men would use bright colors like pink, green, blue and off white dinner jacket during sunny weather conditions in order to look more relaxed.

When it comes to colors of dinner jacket, off white is famous during warm weather. It gives fresh look that its users are searching for; thus making them look clean and neat. Normally, you would see that off white dinner jacket are not always pure white, and there are also variety of them, namely:

  1. Anti-flash White
  2. Polar White
  3. Beige
  4. Seashell
  5. Cosmic Latte
  6. Vanilla
  7. Cream
  8. Eggshell
  9. Pearl
  10. Ghost White
  11. Isabelline
  12. Ivory
  13. Magnolia
  14. Old Lace
  15. White
Each of these colors is the best choices of off white that are recommended by the experts.

Dinner jacketsTips in Choosing Off White Color:

  • If you have a dark complexion it would be better to choose colors that are lighter than your complexion. Prefer White, Anti-Flash White, Ghost white or Isabelline which is the best choice to give you a fresh look.
  • Those who have a white complexion, choose the opposite colors. It is not recommended to use light colors to avoid looking pale. Colors like Pearl, Vanilla, Cream, Eggshell is better.
  • Tan or for those who have normal complexion, any color is fine. Just keep in mind to blend it with a right shirt to make the jacket outstanding.

When to Wear Off White Jacket or Suits:
Like in Hollywood, people wear them during summer and spring because of revitalizing glance that it gives. Other occasions like beach weddings, dinner occasions, summer parties and other activities that are held outdoors are also commendable for off white suits.

Off white dinner jacket are similar to any other ordinary jacket that comes in two designs, single breasted and double breasted. But according to many fashion experts it would be better to choose singles breasted because of its design. Single breasted is fashionable even if the button is left open unlike double breasted. Double breasted would be perfect during seasons that are cold.

Off White Dinner Jacket Accessories:
Off White Jacket can be worn in two distinctive ways, the formal and the ragged wear.
Formal Wear:
If you want to wear your off white dinner jacket formally, make sure to follow the following dress code and have some accessories.

  • When it comes to trousers it would be perfect to wear black tuxedo pants. This will provide off white dinner jacket a simple touch of formality. If not, try using black pants with satin stripe which is preferred by many people because of its classy look.
  • In order to give your pants some identity put on some belt with it. Belt always goes with pants when it comes to being formal. Also have a good shoes like alligator shoes to blend with the pants, the shinier the better.
  • Also choose the best shirt to wear with it. Make sure to never use white shirt if you wear a pure white jacket. It would be better to have other color with it. Also use a bow or neck tie that always compliments the shirt and tuxedo and always have a necktie clip to stop the tie from flying away.
Ragged Wear:
Teens also like to wear off white jacket, so here are some ways to wear it.
  • A V-shaped shirt is always good with it. Remember to never pair an off white with white jacket. You would look pale.
  • As for Pants, any jeans would suit off white jacket. Also put on some belt with it. White pants are better for beaches.
  • For footwear, slippers and sandals are ok but if you prefer shoes use alligator shoes or mauri shoes as it would surely fit in.

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