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Look Outstanding with Men's Zoot Suits

For extroverts an fashion-conscious, who revel in the habit of visiting discos, pubs, clubs and joints, the 100% perfect attire is zoot suit. Make it a point to be up-to-date, rather up-to-minute with the most modern and sleek looking zoot suits. Most Afro-American gentlemen prefer this kind of coolest zoot, till date. They are the cynosures wherever they visit due to these extraordinary selections. These hot-latest trends making rounds in fashion circles nowadays are zoot suit. Smartness is the other word for zoot suits. Your wardrobe will not make a sense without the flashy and fashionable zoot suits. On completing the additional accessories, your reputation as a debonair man reaches a full circle.

Zoot suitZoot suit Zoot suit

For teeny-boppy guys, who enjoy foot-tapping music, the zoot suit is a perfect match. The fashion concepts popularized by Kanye West, Outkast speak volumes about ultra-mod dress statements. Zoot suits are marketed in flashy colors such as red, apple green, beige, dark brown and others. Some young men wish to wear light colors. Be imaginative about your dress code. For upwardly mobile or vintage-conscious - both can get their favorites. Middle-aged gentlemen will prefer to wear colors like black, navy blue - not flashy, not trendy, not gaudy. They are fashionable and at the same time formal also. Zoot suit emerged as a popular dress in mid 1930's and 1940's. From its very advent into the world of fashion, it was rated as the most popular outfit among lower class of Americans - the Chicanos, the Africans etc. Zoot suits were identified with youths - youngsters wedded to the foot-tapping jazz music and gyrating swing culture. Zoot suit is an attire meant for people with stocky build. This boasts of a long jacket with huge shoulder pads called as carlango. The surplus quantity of cloth gives it a look of ostentation and flamboyance. It caters to the formal occasion. Zoot suit is often associated with a long watch across the pants, pointed shoes and a large feathered felt hat.

Zoot suitZoot suitZoot suit

The zoot suit first originated in the African-American jazz culture in Harlem, New York. It was adopted by the minority communities. The term "Zoot" was derive from a Mexican-American slang. They consist of knee-length skirts instead of the trousers. Zoot suits were banned in 1942. In 1943, riots erupted in different areas. The soldiers and the sailors started beating the people dressed in the zoot suit in East Los Angeles. They also started ripping off the suit and burnt them off. The zoot suitors suffered violence to unbearable extent. Hundreds of them were arrested and released without fine. Thus, zoot suit riots increased the popularity. As it is showy style of clothing, it became very popular. The zoot suit is normally worn for functions where bureaucrats participated. The Zoot Suit Riots of 1943, in one angle, enhanced the popularity of the fashionable wear as a symbol of cultural pride and a stand against racism. The first Chicano play on Broadway was Louis Valdez's melodic Zoot Suit (1979) and later it was made into a film in 1981.



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