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Taking Formal To The Next Level- White Tailcoat Costume!

The trend of wearing had begun in the 19th century. What is being considered today as formal wear, had actually started out as a kind of riding jacket with the front edges cut to provide spacing for the rider knees, enabling the rider to gallop off or trot away with ease. The tailcoat is also known as the swallow tail coat or the claw hammer as it became a part of everyday gentleman trend in the 1830s upto 1850s. But in today's world, the black or mens trench coat costume has become the most popular form of men's clothing with portrays an old world charm and grandeur. These are preferred to be worn for extremely formal occasions like white tie events.

And when it is the question of white tie events, you must trust only the experts. But generally, mens clothing done by experts does become quite expensive to afford for every man. Not everyone has that pocket which can spend hefty sum of money for a rare white tie event. So what should you do when you want both the perfect fit, quality, style and yet not expensive? In such a situation, Mensusa is one shopping website where you will find that all these aspects of yours are met. A visit on their website is going to show you much more details and the plethora of options that they provide you.

White Tailcoat

White talcoat costume are waist length coats with two long tails of clothing running at the back of the jacket that reach the knees of the wearer. The traditional designs of the tailcoat have pockets featured inside them. The main function of these packets is to hold your gloves when you aren't wearing them. The older designs of tailcoats also included satin facings which were found on the lapel of the coats. You will rarely find tailcoats to be single breasted unless it is custom made. Most of the tail coats are double breasted in design and cut, with the two buttons serving the function of decorativeness and not function.

When you have to pick up your white tail coat costume, you must be extremely careful of the length and size of it. If possible try out your tailcoat before you buy it to avoid any alteration to the formal attire of your dreams. A white tailcoat could also be a great choice for your wedding. As not many people opt for it, you can be sure that with your unique choice, you will stand out in the crowd. Tailcoats are generally worn with white winged collared shirts. You must pick up a shirt which has single cuffs which you can accessorise with fashionable cuff links. Then the next step should be to buy a matching bow tie or an ascot which would go well with the formal attire. It is preferable to wear white matching pants with a tailcoat, but you can also pair it up with black formal pants. This would give you a very dignified and formal appearance. Patented shoes are considered a must when it comes to any kind of formal attire. And with these simple tips in your hand you are sure to outshine everyone!

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