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White trench coats

White trench coats

Trench coats have gained an eternal heritage. Unchanged for over 100 years, no garment is as sexiest as the trench coat, it has remained functional. It comes as a surprise, that very few men sport a trench coat these days, regardless of its rich and enduring legacy. This classic garment is no less than a tuxedo or a suit. The fashion wind of trench coats by no means stops every year. On every occasion, they are said to enhance your taste largely.

Origin of trench coats

The origin of this coat can be traced back to the period of Boer war. Throughout the interwar years, the coat remained popular. As a matter of fact, over a period of time, the trench coat became an optional item of dress in the British Army and became very popular during and after World War I (1914–18). During the twentieth century it remained a staple of outerwear.

The classic Trench

In the present day, trench coats are available in fashionable materials and cuts; however, the traditional and ever popular trench coat is usually made of gabardine and then treated to make it water-resistant. Often belted with epaulettes, the classic trench comes with a back vent and cuff straps that can be adjusted to help seal off inner sleeves from the rain and cold. In order to give out extra insulation and protection, the traditional trenches also had a "storm flap" which gave extra protection to the shoulders.

Moreover, traditional trenches were available in a wide range of colors and it had 10 crossover buttons with extra lining on the underside. The cuff gathered with wrist straps and shoulder straps gave a unique character and style to the Traditional trenches, also it had raglan sleeves.

White trench coat

White owes much of its accomplishment towards versatility; matching any type of complexion it has the ability to be paired up with any color to give it a crisp, fresh look and feel.

Seeing that trench coats were mainly worn for winter protection, they are no longer just a weather protector. Available almost in all colors, there is always a great reputation for white trench coat.

With that said, in general, people overlook the color of white and white trenches are no exception to that. Coming to the reasons for why people stay away from white is because of the fear of stains and dirt. However, this single reason shouldn't panic you from using whites. There are so many good reasons for why one should have white color shirts and coats in their wardrobe, especially white trench coat, make sure that you don't avoid.

Being unaware of how to accessorize is another reason why people mainly stay away from white color, while others kill their whites look by accessorizing themselves with bright colored trousers or shirts or by adding clashing accessories. In the face of being only a distinct color, the white trench coat is an attention grabber, so it is highly suggested that you go with subtle colors on the details. Finally, it's all with the attitude so don't forget to carry yourself with the right attitude.

Without too much of bulk, white trench coat gives you the right amount of layering without sacrificing your style. Timelessly fashionable, your fall or winter wardrobe should include a white trench coat.

Long trench coats make you slim and smart, white trench coat with simple accessories are sure to exude that luxurious look and feel, double-breasted trench coat make you elegant. White and associated colors are just great for any kind of outfit, if you want to set up a style mantra for yourself that attract people around you; the first safe bet will be on white. It might be snow white, off white or any sort of white, the impact that this color creates is simple beautiful and cannot be brought out by any other color for that matter. Remember that this is one good color that has the capacity to beautify anyone and everyone without a problem of color of the skin or any physical subject. White cannot be look on to as a color that will be neglected at all, you can go for white if you attend any nor formal or a complete formal dress. Many of us prefer wearing white for dress shirts, pants and coats but limit our self from wearing overcoats and top coats made up of white fearing that it might get dirty easily. You will have to be sure about the material of the outer coat that you are wearing, you can always wash the dirt off and it is worth doing for wearing a lovely color that will create a beautiful atmosphere around yourself, every time you wear it. It will surely give you a special privileged feeling while wearing anything made of white. So it is a good choice to go for a white trench coat forgetting about dirt, after all it's all a part of it.

Make sure that you never compromise over quality, whatever it may be… Over the years, round the globe, the self-effacing trench coat has enjoyed continued success as a style icon, with traditional, classic versions, or updated, modern looks for every season. When you wanted to give out your style with these types of trench coats, make sure that you follow the buying guide with an uncompromising attitude such that you will hit on the right coat you are looking for.

On the whole, with white trench coat dressed on, you can be sure of appearing stylish because it takes the iconic style to bring you modern look. Grab our white trench coat that's available in all colors and stand out from the crowd. Unlike others, forward thinking design and progressive cuts, is what makes Mensusa stand out from all others. With a notion for style and design we provide a range of slim fit suits that are cut closely to the body for a pointed, fitted look.

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