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Polyester Shirts

Polyester shirts are one of the favorites for men who like non iron shirts those are easy to maintain. You get to find a humpty number of color combinations and designs that are easily made with this type of fabric. Polyester is an artificial fabric type that became more famous due to its strength and at the same time has its own share of drawbacks. Wearing polyester shirts during any type of works related to electricity or fire should be avoided as the fabric melts easily and can catch fire easily. The fabric will stick to the skin of the victim when there is any fire accident and will make the burns get worsen. Polyester is a combination of naturally occulting plant cutin and other synthetics.

Polyesters are mainly of two types, thermo-set and thermoplastic while most of the assortments come under thermoplastic variety. As said above, polyester might be one of the artificial fabrics that cannot give free air circulation to the skin like cotton but is highly liked for its high color retention capacity and it will not get faded like how other natural fabric material does. Imagine that you like to wear shirts that are of good colors and bold patterns, and would like it to last long; you will like polyester dress shirts for this need. Cotton shirts might not look as attractive as a polyester shirt when it comes to long term use and wrinkle free look. Sometimes, we find polyester being mixed and spun together with the help of natural fibers like cotton to give poly-cotton fabric varieties that are found in many mix ratios. Poly-cotton shirts have both the advantages and disadvantage of the fabric mixture but advantages of this material is really higher than any other types.

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