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Satin Shirts for Men

In general, dress shirts are very fashionable and satin dress shirts are something even more chic. They are part of a new focus on fashion for men. Not meant for daily usage, its one time use will grab great attention. Hence it is a must to wear them properly, using mens satin shirts properly means, matching them with a perfect tie and trousers, by this means you can attain the best look for a special day or evening. They are apt for parties.

Satin shirts for parties

When you head out to a party, let satin's sheen be an adjunct to the event. The material known for its attractive quality, the gleam conveys volumes about its overall look. As aforesaid, shirts made from these fabrics are real attention-grabbers.

The look and feel of a satin fabric is always attention-grabbing. There is something about it that it seems to dress up any attire and make the person wearing feel fancy. Incredibly functional, it is more than just a fashion piece and the best part is that, they are an affordable alternative to the silk fabric. Whether day time, night, for work or for play, satin fabrics go well in all situations!

With that said, many are tentative when it comes to satin. To make this versatile element of your wardrobe really 'work' you will have to pair it up with the right color, while considering all other factors.

How to pull off that look? - Buying guide

When worn properly, they are sure to exude that unique sense of style of yours. If you wanted to add that glam to your wardrobe and rock on at the party, then you certainly got to save one satin shirt. Offering a flattering look, its gleam is very sure to capture attention when carried on with the right attitude. Following are some of the considerations you should be making in order to pull off that look.

  • Decide on the right color
  • Find the right fit
  • Ponder on the length of the sleeves
  • Color is one of the most predominant considerations for any type of attire that you purchase, as far as buying a satin shirt is concerned, there is no exception. As long as it is appropriate for the occasion you don't have to hesitate trying new shades as well. Flattering and classy, it is a must that you pair it up with the right color. For evening affairs go with bright colors. For formal events, choose anything between black or white satin shirts, they are a good alternative. However, there are a myriad of options when it comes to satin dress shirts which you can consider pairing with a matching tie.

    Fit factor is something that takes equal importance to the color. Grabbing great attention from the crowd, people notice the wearer more, in case if the shirt is found ill-fitting, then the chances of a fall down will slump the overall look. So when purchasing a shirt, ensure that you are comfortable wearing it. The line of stitching where the arm sleeves meet the shoulders should fit exactly on top of the shoulders. With full and easy motion, the chest area should hug the person closely while offering comfort, but the buttons should not pull open. Coming to the waist area, it should peter out closely to the body so as to create a slim and flattering line.

    Length of the shirt and sleeve are yet other considerations you should be pondering on. Ensure that the hem of the shirt is long enough such that you can tuck the shirt. When unbuttoned, the sleeves should fall just above the knuckle of the thumb. The excess fabric that droops should also be seen clearly, opt out if that's the case. Finally don't forget to find the right fit!

    How to care for the material?

    Seeing that the material is so delicate and flimsy, it is a must that you care for it in the way it is meant to be. First, always check for the care instructions which can be seen on the tag and go by its way. By this means you can determine the right cleaning process for your satin material. In case of any stains, make sure that you don't use hard detergents and cleaning agents especially with colored satin fabrics, because this will cause the colored satin fabric to bleed or fade. Test the stain remover on a not easily seen place on the garment prior to treating the stain.

    • It is good that you wash satin fabrics by hand, if not use the delicate cycle of the washing machine
    • Always use cold water to clean satin fabric and mild detergent
    • By no means you should twist or wring the cloth, trying to draining the excess water can also cause lint removal.
    • Don't expose satin fabrics to dryers
    • When you are ironing, make sure that it is in its medium mode.

    The versatility of the fabric itself makes them an essential element to the wardrobe of both genders. Owning one means that you are a person who is always fashion-conscious. However, make sure that you don't compromise quality when you are planning to purchase satin dress shirts. Buy it from a reliable retailer.

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