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Nehru Shirts

Mandarin collar shirts are otherwise known as Nehru shirts as Jawaharlal Nehru was the first man to popularize this particular style portrayed by mandarin collar dress shirts. And as a tribute these shirts were also named as Nehru shirts.

The style portrays a very unique and distinct style wherein the collar is typically short and unfolded standing up. This style typically starts at the neckline and rises upwards for about 2 to 5 meters in general. The design is truly exclusive and unique in the sense that the edges of the collar barely meet at the center or overlap each other. Overlapping collars could be fastened with the help of a button giving you the look of a sophisticated, elite and classy prince. These shirts have a flat finishing at the neckline.

This particular style has become widely accepted and highly popular as when worn with the right attitude and confidence, you can look dashing, stylish, classy and rich by all means. It has become fashionable to wear this particular style on the inside of a coat or mandarin tuxedo instead of the traditional shirt and necktie style. Mandarin collars are also predominantly used by various clergies in churches. It is highly popular among Eastern Catholics and Eastern Orthodox churches. It is also widely used by the Syriac and Ethiopic Catholic churches representatives. Sun Yat-Sen retained the mandarin style while he was representing the Han people. Many movie villain characters such as Dr. No or Dr. Evil have portrayed this particular style brilliantly in movies.

This particular style is truly remarkable and exclusive. It is in fact considered as a luxury to own a certain set of mandarin collections in your wardrobe. It is the perfect wedding attires. Our mandarin collections are of highest quality standards as we give a special preference to quality. You don't have to think twice while purchasing for Nehru shirts at our site.

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