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Shirt tie set

Shirts are the main article of men's clothing!

Seeing that they are the most basic item of clothing, everybody has at least one shirt in his closet; however, this is not the case- anyone would definitely have more than one. Used on a day-to-day purpose, they are one of the oldest garments.

They are the most common item of clothing that is worn by everyone including business associates. Shirt and tie set is the most standard and prominent item of clothing that has stood strong! They are a universal favorite.

Whether you want casual look or a formal look, you are sure to pull it off with the right shirt; they help you maintain a professional image while helping you look good on the job. Selecting the one that fits you right with proper style and size is of utmost importance.

History of shirts

Until the twentieth century, shirts were an item of men's underwear. Even though the woman's top was a very much related item of clothing to the man's, it is the man's article of clothing that became the modern shirt. During the middle ages, it was very plain undyed and was worn next to the skin and under regular garments. In the eighteenth century, as a replacement for underpants, men relied on the long tails of shirts to dole out the purpose of drawers.

In the sixteenth century, at the neck and cuff area, the shirt sometimes had frills together with embroidery and laces, furthermore during the eighteenth century long neck frills and jabots were highly fashionable. It was during the nineteenth century, colored shirts started to appear, until the twentieth century, they were considered for lower-class workers.

It was during the final stages of World War I, the shirt went through a major transformation. During this time, the modern shirt with buttons all ling became popular, although the first buttoned shirt was registered by Brown, Davies& Co as early as 1871.

With countless styling and designs, modern shirt collection has endless options. Right from the fabric, the way of construction, design, pattern has changed literally to suit everyone's lifestyle.

With so much of history, it has turned out as what it is today!

Shirt tie set

Your dress shirt style

When you are considering wearing a shirt for business that is worn with a tie should have long sleeves- it goes without saying. Depending on your work situation, at outdoor work sites, short sleeves may be appropriate. Take the impression set by your superiors; if they are wearing short sleeves then it may be all right.

On the other hand, when you want to let it casual, consider rolling your sleeves up, it is not necessary to follow the standard of the office non-conformist.

You will be able to find collars of different types namely pointed and spread collar. With a contemporary fashion, spread collars are newer and it inflects the tie, as a result look better with a wider tie. On the other hand, you can also find different color collars, i.e. the shirt appears to be bolder while the collar with a slight hue of that bold color.

French cuffs require cufflinks and long sleeves are closed by straight cuffs with buttons. In a conservative setting, French cuffs may give the impression of being weird because they add more flair to the look.

How to achieve the best fit on a dress shirt?

Neck size and length of the sleeves are the two main areas where the dress shirts are sized in general. This is because the overall shirt size is impacted by the size of the neck, given that, a larger neck size will be wider in the shoulder and body. While this is for people with normal body structure, men who are gifted with a trimmer body, athletic shirts that are fitting will be the best. Having said that, these are tapered for a tighter fit!

Neck sizes like 14 to 18 are easily found, on the other hand, larger sizes are made available in big and tall shops. However, the length of the sleeves will show a discrepancy from 30 to 37. As with some manufacturers, two lengths are combined into one such as 32-33. If you have a broad shoulder or if you are in need of a long sleeve than the standard one, then your shirts have to be custom made according to your requirement.

With a different manufacturer, the size of the shirt may differ. Marked the same size, it differs according to the brands.

It is imperative to ensure that you have a neck size that is large enough such that you can button up your top button without any hassle, in case if you are wearing a tie. Coming to sleeves, they should be long enough to cover your wrist, when the arm is extended. Perfect with jeans, formal pants and casual pants, you are sure to pull off that look you are expecting to make.

On the whole, shirt and tie set is one of the most interesting collections you can have in your wardrobe. If you are buying the right one, then you can make the right impression. By no means sacrifice quality, buy with confidence. Shop through our wide range of shirt and tie sets and hit on the right one that best suits your body structure and lifestyle. Matching the perfect tie to a shirt or vice versa is easier said than done, hence we've put together some perfect shirt and tie combinations below which will help you make an informed and easy choice, also you can wear them with confidence and take the pother out of your formal look. Irrespective of the occasion type, you will be able to find shirts that are slim fit to tailored, with simple and patterned ties you will have something that best matches for every occasion. We can exceed your expectation when it comes to quality, price and durability. When you shop at Mensusa, satisfaction guaranteed!

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