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Varieties of Dress Shoes and their Colors

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Pink ShoesWearing appropriate men's dress shoes and colors may have become less important in today's busy world. But the fact remains that your choice of dress shoes and their colors actually says a lot about your personality and attitude.

The styles of your dress shoes and the colors of dress shoes are important especially when you want to make a great first impression. There is a popular quote: "A well-made dress shoe sends the world a message about its wearer." However, choosing the right color dress shoe to match your garments or suit is equally important. Matching your shoe color to your belt presents an overall smart appearance.

When it comes to colors of dress shoes, you will find in the market an array of different colors - black dress shoes, brown dress shoes, white dress shoes, black dress shoes, pink dress shoes, orange dress shoes, green dress shoes, yellow dress shoes, ivory dress shoes etc

While black dress shoes may appear too formal and white dress shoes are difficult to maintain, people generally favor buying from amongst other popular colors like pink dress shoes, orange dress shoes, chestnut, green dress shoes, yellow dress shoes and ivory dress shoes.

Dress shoes are an excellent type of shoes that are appropriate for numerous occasions. In fact, black dress shoes can be worn regularly for going to office. Wearing gaudy color dress shoes like yellow dress shoes or green dress shoes or pink dress shoes to office or to solemn occasions like business meets, job interviews or funeral may be inappropriate.

People who are fond of white dress shoes can opt for Ivory dress shoes instead as ivory dress shoes are more soothing to the eyes and do not show dirt or dust as prominently as white dress shoes. You can even wear ivory dress shoes to office on a daily basis and it may not be considered inappropriate.

Orange ShoesPink dress shoes, orange dress shoes, green dress shoes, yellow dress shoes are exotic colors and hence the wearer of any of these color dress shoes will be able to grab instant attention. Most of these color dress shoes are the right type to be worn when you are attending informal gatherings including sports meet, wedding or birthday parties, farewell dinners, picnics, holiday tour etc.

The general rule is the color of the dress shoes must match the color of the trousers. But some believe that the color of the dress shoes must provide a contrast to the color of the attire if you want to be noticed. Once you buy dress shoes of three different colors from the list above, then you can wear any of those three color dress shoes - be it a matching to the color of your attire or as contrasting to the color of your attire.

By choosing a dress shoe color that is strikingly different from your suit shade, you will make others notice your shoes when the eye travels down your body to your feet. Dress shoe colors that are rare like orange dress shoes, green dress shoes, pink dress shoes or yellow dress shoes will certainly arrest the attention of all guests at the gathering.

It matters little even if you are wearing the most amazing suit in the world, if you have badly designed shoes of inappropriate color. There is nothing that will make you look more stylish and trendy and give you a confidence boost like a nice pair of dress shoes of the right color.

Spring time may be right for bright and bold color dress shoes like green dress shoes, yellow dress shoes, pink dress shoes, orange dress shoes etc. Summer always lends itself to more subdued and muted shade like ivory dress shoes.

Green ShoesDress shoes can be worn with suits or casual business attire as long as socks, belts and other accessories are well coordinated. The lace-up, leather dress shoes regardless of color are a smart choice but make sure the sole is not too thick. Thick-soled shoes are casual by the very nature of their appearance.

There are quite a few dress shoe buyers that favor burgundy (or oxblood) color. But in USA burgundy is the most scarcely worn dress shoe color whereas men's burgundy dress shoes are lot more popular in Europe.

In fact men's burgundy dress shoes are versatile as they can be worn with different shades of suits - black, grey, navy, brown and tan. Burgundy is admittedly less formal than black but it can be compared with brown. So next time you go shopping for dress shoe, do not overlook burgundy.

Experts opine that every man's closet should have at least one pair of black or ivory dress shoes in it for formal occasions, job interviews, and business meetings. If you are new to the dress boot, you will soon become crazy about them. The dress shoes of all colors are so practical that they will serve you beyond any fashion season. So, dress shoes are worthwhile investment to add to your wardrobe.

Handcrafted dress shoes using fine Italian calfskin made in the traditional style are absolutely classical though expensive. Generally speaking, quality dress shoes are usually quite expensive and many cannot afford to buy several pairs of dress shoes in different colors.

Burgundy ShoesPeople that cannot afford to buy more than a pair of dress shoes may opt for ivory dress shoes as they are versatile and can be worn with male attire of any color. Dress shoes may be seemingly expensive, but if you make smart choices, you will be able to wear them for years - thus, dress shoes can be very cost-effective in the long run.

Dress shoes are predominantly made in leather with a relatively low instep, closed lacing and a non-rubber sole. Modern dress shoes are, however, constructed from suede or synthetic materials Regardless the material used to construct them, dress shoes are appealing and have a charm all their own.

Quality dress shoes are typically made with clean lines and continuous pieces of leather. Popular adornments to the dress shoe design include wing-tips, brogueing (decorative perforations along seams), and saddles (pieces of leather sewn over the instep).

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