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Wing Tip Shoes

Wing Tip ShoesWingtip shoes are always an accepted style for men which features a toe cap that comes as a point in the center spreading out towards in the center which more or less looks in a shape of a wing of a bird. This particular part in shoe at times will be punched with holes around the edges to give a unique look from others.

These are designed with heavy leather with gaps to assist draining water from inside the shoe n these are originally designed for the men in Scotland and Ireland. This has evolved in a range of designs which includes Lace ups, slip-ons, boots and sneakers which matches up with any Tuxedo, casual, trendy, dance, western and heavy work suits.

A range of materials are used to design these types of shoes. They include from Italian, suede, calf, kid, pig and exotic skins, canvas and synthetics. They can be matched up with clothing as varied as suits, shorts, kilts etc.

Be it a classic, trendy, contemporary, trendy, vintage, western or a heavy boot there is an apt wingtip for you to be matched. It is almost a must have in a corporate executive attire but choosing the right one is a big tale When purchasing a right one consider its style, price and comfort.

Among the above mentioned factors style is the most important one when considered. Always remember that the hide of the shoe should flat and fine grain. The soles should be durable since it gives you more comfort by preventing your feet from getting tire easily. Branded ones helps to protect your feet for a long time. Rather than selecting a wingtip for a fashion selects a one which fits and looks good for your feet. Always try picking a wingtip shoes that matches your attire.

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