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Mens Pink Pants

Now that we are talking about mens pink pants, we will have to debate over women and their affinity toward this color. Women seem to love all shades of pink starting from the lightest baby pink to the latest hot pink in their accessories, cosmetics and in their wardrobe but, how far are this color liked by men is a big question mark.

Though men wear pink colored clothing these days we don't find many opting for mens pink pants most of the time. Pink is one color that expresses feminine features and the color is seldom a chose for men. The recent fashion change has given way to a different effect altogether. We find male models wearing oink color pants most often these days accompanied by very light or dull colored shirts, t-shirts and ever suits. Men feel that it is not practical to wear this color as it might affect their masculine look and end up looking like a pimp. Pink in many cases is seen as a color that is not suitable for men's wardrobe in any form.

A pink shirt or even a pink suit is not welcomed by many men. Now it is time to change this attitude. It is totally practical to wear pink pants and don't end up looking odd or strange. The basic idea behind handling the color is by treating it as a summer friendly color. Wearing pink in any form during summer is totally acceptable. The only thing that you will have to know while wearing pink is to know and choose the right shade of pink that compliments your look. While wearing pink, it ago idea to avoid flashy colors in any form. Avoid over accessorizing yourself in any form so that you don't look like a pop star of any kind.

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