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Seersuckers Suit

The name seersucker is extracted from the Persian word meaning milk and sugar, resembling the fabric's wavering smooth and rough stripes to the contrasting textures of milk and sugar. It is often made from cotton, and the specialty of this suit is that some of the fabric's thread are woven to put them together in a bunch. Another advantage of the seersucker suit is that it provides air circulation throughout the clothing and thus it is widely used in summer. This suit can also be used in outdoor gatherings.

Seersuckers Suit

Seersuckers suits are alternately colored and these suits come in light as well as dark colors. Light colors are generally used in summer and for some outdoor gatherings whereas dark and solid colors such as grey, brown and black are used for business events. However, the most common colors for it are white and blue. One should make a careful consideration about the suits various features like color and cuts before purchasing to make a pleasing and comfortable selection. A colored shirt with seersucker suit will give a very showy appearance.

As the fashion world is going through its own climatic change, the seersucker suits have also produced a new fashionable suit which is fully striped and puckered. Overall, seersucker suits are amazing and comfortable to wear.

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