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Mens suit are one of the important part of any man's wardrobe. It is important to have a good collection of a few sets to fulfill the daily needs and necessities One can say that the evolution of Men's suit began in the United Kingdom that later on spread to Europe, United States and then globally. During the nascent stage of Men's suit that is around 18th century these suits were like a decorative style with their trendy look and were more popular in France. However, the pace of Men's Suits did not advance until the emergence of English tailors in London, who added their centrist style and expertise. The main credit for the present advancement levels found in the current modern style of Men's suit goes to the British tailors who have guided the culture of men's fashion of wearing the suit to the present era.

During the beginning of 19th century, there occurred further development in the style of Men's Suit when the English men became more sophisticated from the French tradition of gilded style. The movement of Men's suit further advanced during the 1940's and 1950's when the male attire changed with smaller lapels and shorter suit coats with straight cuts in the latter part of 1960's. The fading of double breasted suits soon happened during 1960's. Revolutionary changes in the Men's suit occurred in 1970 is which is popularly known as disco era. Men's suit again moved back to simplicity during 1980's with the introduction of Double and two-piece single breasted suits and exit of three-piece suits. In the later part of the ten years of 21st century, the three button two piece suit for men became a fashionable trend but now this fashion is also losing its shine.

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