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1940 Mens Fashion

Vintage FashionAfter the great depression coming to end and World War II was to start onto the orb 1940 is the period which brought a drastic shift in men's fashion. Most of them state that this is an important period in elegance and style of men's fashion. It was at this period there were strict rationing was a norm in almost all the countries and continents including the United Kingdom and the United States. The designers met abundance of challenges when it came to designing clothes and fashion in no time changed as a gist and functionality than style.

During war, mens suit actually lost the vests, pocket flaps and trouser cuffs to marmalade fabric. This automatically changed at the end of the war and conceivably became one of the most iconic periods in recent history. In the mid of 1940's as the swing era boomed in with the zoot suit designers began to create more of stylish outfits.

The double breasted suits, wider trousers and oversized longer jackets quickly came in trend. Adding to it shirts and coats began to come in existence with a range of colors from peach, blue-grey and putty.

This also made an exciting change in the neckties which were only purely traditional and almost boring. Men of 1940 had only a little variety in their wardrobe. It was just a basic 2 or 3 piece suit with a wide lapels , flat or small pleated front pants and a fedora hat is all that was needed for a man in that decade. Later casual Hawaiian shirts turned to be popular one in their vogue. Women would knit sweaters for men in winter for their men.

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