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Buying Affordable Men's Suits

Affordable suits

he fact is most of us need a suit to wear for special occasions like a birthday party, weddings, social gatherings or business meet. But to buy a decent suit, it is certainly not necessary to spend a fortune. There are ways and means of buying a cheap suitwell within your budget. But remember that when buying a cheap suit, you should not overly compromise with the quality. Just because a suit is affordably priced, it does not mean it has to be uncouth and look indecent.

How to Buy Affordable Suits:

There is a plethora of online stores, discount stores and even thrift shops that offer good quality suits at affordable rates. Search for online stores that offer discounts for men's suits. There are stock clearance seasons when you can buy suits for over 40 percent off. Ask some of your friends or colleagues where they buy their suits. You may be surprised to know they have a trick up their sleeve for buying discount men's suits. They might even have suit designer contacts you can use.

Obtain a list of thrift stores in your area. Thrift and consignment stores offer fabulous discounts on second hand suits. Some of the used suits have not been worn more than once and are terribly new and in great shape. You may be required to spend some money to alter the measurements. Never feel shy about negotiating or bargaining a price. Many unwise buyers end up paying more for a suit because they never asked for a discount.

Physically go around a few discount department stores. Many of these stores are located either in a mall or nearby to a mall and in busy thoroughfares. Watch out for sales at major mall retailers particularly at the end of winter when suits are often sold at throwaway prices. Wait patiently for this time to grab a few suits for social wear or business.

In today's commercial world, everything is a shoppers market and you should shop around for the lowest price suit available. Tailors and suit retailers are desperate for business and you should take advantage and look for bonuses, discounts and deals.

Choosing suits that fit your style and at the same time fit your budget is very much possible nowadays with the advent of the Internet. You can find so many great deals when it comes to men's suits when you patiently search online.

Affordable suits

Rationale for Buying Cheap Suits:

There can be little or no doubt that each one of us would like to dress in our best when attending a party or a business meeting. But commonsense makes us believe that a suit has to be missing certain features for it to cost less. The simple logic is you get what you pay for and there is no free lunch.

While a cheap suit may look highly attractive and tempting, and the deficiencies may not be apparent at first, over years of wear these suits may start to deteriorate while the more expensive suits will be lot more durable.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with buying a cheaper suit if you are having budget constraints. The only question you need to ask is - are you buying a suit for now, that will probably last only a few years or a suit that you wish serves you longer. Sometimes, it may be even prudent that the suit you buy serves only for a few years as fashion trends keep changing and you can discard the old and buy another.

What makes a Suit Cheap?:

Some of the key factors that would be missing from cheap suits as compared with the more expensive versions are:

The price of pure wool is lot more expensive than the wool blends used for cheap suits. The cheaper the quality of material, the faster it will wear out because of regular use and frequent washes.

Items like ticket pockets, inferior linings and other less visible finer details will be missing. While the ticket pockets may be an issue of personal preference, poor lining may impede the lifespan of the suit.

The most obvious difference will of course be in tailoring - the cut and fit of the suit. Off the rack suits are machined to certain standard shapes and sizes. So you will have difficulty getting the suit to perfect measurements. In the case of a cheaper suit, you must visit a tailor and spend some extra money having it professionally hemmed and modified to your frame.

Hand-sewn detailing is a common feature on more expensive suits. But these days, machine stitching in a low budget suit is also excellent and appears like hand-sewn.

Cheap Suits can look Good:

Even if you're wearing a cheap suit, there are ways to hide the fact and still appear smart and dignified. Try to spend some extra money on a presentable shirt that stays trim with your body type and make sure the collar and cuffs are firm and the shirt resists creases. A well-fitting, quality dress shirt can enhance your look. Select your cheap suit in some exotic color. The more unusual the color, the more attention and admiration you will draw. Navy and charcoal blend may look great, Buy suit that is unorthodox and daring and the style of the suit will cover up the low price you paid.

Buy a suit that gets as close to a good fit as you probably can. Spend some small money to carry out rectifications - if any. Remember that if the suit drapes nicely and fits perfectly, you can get away with the low price you paid.

As the material used in cheap suits will be less durable, wash the suits as infrequently as possible. Some luxuries like extra pickets and superior lining may have to be sacrificed - but nothing much can be done about it.

Affordable suitsRemember, though not all cheap suits can be made to look fabulous, with a bit of effort, you can get a lot out of less priced suits if you exercise some imagination and follow some useful tips.

Preserve your Cheap Suit Carefully:

Store your suit in a breathable garment bag so that dust and fabric munching bugs are denied access. Make sure the jacket is hanging on a wide shouldered hanger - otherwise the shoulder pads of the low-priced will surely crease and droop down.

If you did not sweat in your suit or the suit did not gather much dirt, then do not have it cleaned. This is because cheap suits are usually fused or glued together unlike costly suits. The oppressive heat of the dry cleaning process will often melt the glue and create hideous wrinkles as the glue solidifies into uneven clumps.

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