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Asian Suits

Asian SuitsAsia covers China, Japan, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Korea, Philippines, and other countries in the Pacific. These countries often have radically distinct cultures and lifestyles.

It is fairly well known that the Asia is relatively cheap for buying men's suits as compared to most western countries. There are several reputed and reliable tailors in Asian countries capable of producing elegant suits comparable to some of the finest suits in the world.

You can go through fashion magazines for images of the type of asian style suits you are looking for and take them to the retail outlet to buy a similar one or approach an experienced tailor who will get it copied. Though most tailors in Asia will finish tailoring your suit within a day or two but the more time you give them the better.

Bangkok is the home for the renowned Thai silk suits and many reputed retailers there offer fabulous silk suits at affordable prices. An extensive range of other fabrics are also available and the shops are up to date with modern fashion about suit jackets.

Vietnam boasts of a famous history of men's suits. They sell extraordinarily elegant suits at prices what many Westerners would consider a pittance. The fit of the suits will be perfect and they will look trendy.

Hong Kong is one of the finest places to buy suits. Hong Kong tailors have charmed many American celebrities and former US president Bill Clinton and his friends have bought suits here.

Singapore, with its cosmopolitan character, is the shopping paradise for garments particularly men's suits. Here you can buy most fashionable suits of different fabrics and appealing colors.

Mumbai (Bombay), Delhi and Bangalore are cities in India known for producing impeccable custom-made suits. Most reputable retail outlets have their own in-house custom-made suits section.

You will certainly be enamored of the Chinese and Japanese men's suits - particularly if you are slim and small-made. In china you can buy traditional Chinese fashion style men's suits in 100% Wool Fabric and you will find the design a combination of Ancient Chinese Kung Fu patterns with hand-embroidery. The Chinese Traditional Mandarin Suits and Silk Black Dragon suit for men are quite renowned in most parts of Asia.

The average Japanese suit for men is 100% polyester though there are suits available in other fabrics. Mostly the measurements for suits in Japan are based on height, chest size and drop. In some of the leading shops in Japan, you can come across well-cut designer suit in a classic cloth.

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