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Fashion- it seems that this word has gained great prominence recent years! For some, fashion is passion and they will follow it "religiously"! Well, the term fashion is all about the look it exudes, they are categorized into different styles namely urban cool, Contemporary, Casual and Sporty, Hideous and Gaudy, Cool and chic!! Here specifically we are going to talk about the casual look and about casual suits for men, together with, how to pull off that casual look.

Casual look is always so much more stunning than the standard typical looks, this is very true with photographs, as with photo shoots, it is the casual look that always win hearts - it exudes your real beauty, this is an undeniable fact. This applies to the casual wear as well.

Casual suits:

If you want to be elegant in a casual setting, then casual suits are great way to go! Perfect for both casual business environment or even for everyday activities, it shares all characteristics of a classic suit and is usually made from a very less formal fabric such as linen; however they can also be composed of different pieces as well. As a rule, you shouldn't shy away from wearing a pant that does not match your coat or jacket, keep in mind, things don't have to match, but they have to go together. Following are some of the most important things you need to keep in mind when you are wearing a casual suit.

Having said all that, these rules are not something that should be followed as it is, as a matter of fact, rules are to break, not to follow, however as you break these rules and develop your own style, ensure that its goes well in a casual setting. The above said tips will help you make wiser sartorial decisions.

An ill fitting suit will make you appear clownish, as a result many will ponder on the facet of fit and it is the predominant factor that comes into play as with any type of dressing. You are half way there if you have got the right fit.

This rule not only applies to your casual look, but with almost all looks. Finding the clothes that are of your size, apart from making you look smart will also help people know that you are fashion conscious. Making sure that your clothes are in your exact size will make you look great. Dressing up with pieces that are not of your size will give the impression of being sluggish, if you wear something that's off your size or more than your size, chances are there you will be appearing too old and too young depending on the size. For that reason, always wear suits that fit your body and size. The overall tune-up should fall in place.

How to check whether the suit is of perfect fit, your shoulder lines should match your actual shoulders and your jacket shouldn't go lower than your tush!

Keep this stable- the cuffs of your shirt sleeves should be exposed only about 1/2 inch / 1, 30 cm. In order to exude a look that is more balanced, match the visible cuff to the amount of visible collar from the back of your neck. Ensure that the collar of your shirt touches the collar of your jacket and there are no excess fabrics between them. If it does not go this way then it means that you are misbalanced. One another rule with casual look is that your lapel should have the same width as your tie. On the other hand, if it is an extra-large lapel then they should have the same size as your shirt's collar.

With regards to pants, they should always begin at your waist and never at your hips. If your pants feature pleats then you should avoid choosing a pair that has more than one.

Casual suit etiquettes:

The very first point applies to all suit types, if your jacket features two or more buttons then make sure that you leave the lower button unfastened. It applies to both single and double-breasted jackets; one button should always be left unfastened.

This is something not everyone will follow, but ought to, i.e. you need to unfasten your suit as you sit down and button it up as you stand up.

Casual suits can be worn with a t-shirt and it can always be unfastened. You can also try another casual piece underneath, it is not necessary that it should be worn with a dress shirt. The level of formality that you want to exude depends on your personal choice.

How to accessorize with casual suits?

As far as accessorizing with casual suits is concerned, sky is the limit; you can easily get along not only with simple accessories but something that's colorful as well. Pocket square or a colorful tie will spice up the overall look and it will add a lot of visual interests thereby making you stand out from the crowd.

A simple tie together with a pocket square will scale up your overall look; hence you can play it well by adding a tie bar to your tie or a bracelet. If you are wearing a tie, then don't go for pocket square and vice versa. They both don't go well the same time.

Accessorizing yourself too much or adding too many colors to your casual look will make you appear clownish, so try not to wear multi-colored accessories.

Off all the other things, it is your attitude that makes you look great, so walk with confidence. Wearing a casual or a formal suit with that perfect attitude will not only make you look great but will also make you feel amazing!

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