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Corduroy Jacket

Jackets are one of the first wardrobe collections that men make and corduroy jackets are surely for men who like to collect unique stuffs. Corduroy is one of the favorite material men love to fashion for their overcoats, coats, pants, slacks and trousers. This wonderful material which is twisted during the process of weaving is the main thing that determines the unique pattern of parallel lines that runs all over. Tufted cords are used for manufacturing modern corduroy material that is has great strength. This material is surely not one of the modern day's fabrics as we are able to see that corduroy is worn by kings of medieval age.

Manchester cloth, cords, corded velveteen, elephant cord and pin cord are the other famous names in which this material is known all through the world. We are able to see that men from all over the word are using this material for several needs. The extra sets of fiber are made to be woven together into a fabric that forms its base that forms the pattern and vertical ridges that are called as Wales. In any given corduroy material we can find that Wales falling per inch of the cloth falls from about 1.5 to 21.

Corduroy jacket is surely one of the favorites for men because of its known durability and finish that cannot be substituted by any other material for that matter. Anyone who wants to buy quality jackets that are made from corduroy can find what they want from MensUSA as you will be able to find a wide range of collection in all colors, styles and sizes. The products that you buy from MensUSA are sure to make you stand tall as every piece of wardrobe we tailor and sell is a fashion statement.

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