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Fashion suits for men

Overview of the latest fashion suits for men

Though the fashion trend changes every now and then, there is an outfit that will never date or go out of style. Yes, it is the suit. Apart from being stylish attire, it is an investment piece that brings depth to your fashion statement and pops up your wardrobe with a formal flair. Suits are not a recent invent, its history dates back to 17th century, when King Charles II imposed a strict rule of wearing suits in the courts. From then encountering several transitions, this handsome men's wear became the norm for a majority of formal events. In today's trend, the fashion suits for men are the most fast moving items in the fashion industry as it easily blends with the wearer's look, regardless of his shape and style.

Embossed with unmatched qualities:

Canvassed construction:

Unlike the past, the fashion suits for men available now are made to flaunt timeless quality and enduring style that cannot be rivaled by any other clothing. The canvas construction comprising layers of flexible materials such as wool or horsehair that sits between the outer fabric and the inner lining helps the jacket to retain its shape even after several drapes and washes.

fashion suits for men
Another cost efficient option is that the half canvas, where the top portion of the blazer is alone canvassed, creating more visual interest to the front.

Modeled with seductive lapels:

The latest fashion suits for men are usually seen with one of the three lapel types- Peak, shawl and notch. Flattering a widening effect on the shoulders and creating an elegant formal look, the notch lapel is the most sought after one and it is often used in single breasted style that is finished with two or three button closure. The double breasted suit is mostly crafted with pointed cut peak lapel that appreciates a narrow and slim down silhouette. For those who want to add a bit of dandy to their formal ensemble seeks the shawl lapel that forms a non breaking curved line around the shoulders with satin fabric.

Made of wool fabrics with varying thread counts:

When it comes to formal wear, the wool is always on the top of the wish list. The higher the twisting counts of the wool thread, the finer and lighter the fabric would be.

fashion suits for men
The modern suits offered in the market are categorized based on their counts that vary between super 100 to super 150, assuring suits for all seasons regardless of the climate and weather conditions.

Arrives with timeless fit:

Appreciating a genuine fit, the fashion suits for men feature a sharp cut that makes the sleeve to fall from the shoulder's edge to the knuckle appropriately. The break of the streamlined trousers is crafted in such a way that it embraces a neat finish at the front without showcasing any sloppy wrinkles. With a quality slim fit tailoring, these collections are potent to form an excellent frame to the wearer's build effortlessly.

Allowing the wearer to experiment with stronger color, bolder patters, statement fabrics, it can be undoubtedly stated that the fashion suits are the foundation of any men's wardrobe

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