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Herringbone Suit


Men's fashion is deeply connected to history. Men are creatures of habits and as such men's wear has evolved very slowly and gradually over the past hundred years ago. If man has a firm grip of fashion and an understanding of his personal style, the first and foremost attire he would choose is the suit, the foundation of men's fashion. A suit is a pair of jacket and trousers of the same cut, made from the same fabric, and supposed to be worn together. Such a simple definition of suit however denies the personality of suit and it is this personality which distinguishes suits from rest of the garments and it has made the suit an enduring element of a gentleman's outfitting.

Herringbone suits

In today's fashion world herringbone suits have occupied an important place. Herringbone is a distinctive V-shaped weaving pattern usually found in twill fabrics. Its defining characteristic is the break at reversals which makes it resemble a broken zigzag, as opposed to a fluid chevron pattern. This pattern is called herring-bone as it resembles the skeleton of a herring fish. Herringbone patterned fabric is usually wool, and is one of the most popular clothes used for suits and blazers.. It's one of the easiest ways for a man to introduce pattern into his wardrobe, because it is so subtle and monotone that you don't really have to worry about it clashing with other patterns.

Herringbone suits are highly recommended for colder season, that's why it is usually seen on jackets, coats, except formal suits. This arrow style zigzag looking pattern is mostly found in heavy winter fabrics like tweed and wool. Herringbone suits are usually worn with dark colors like black, navy and it is the suitable choice for formal occasions. One major advantage that makes herringbone superior over the other pattern is its versatility, and it can be worn with any patterned tie, shirt or shoes.

Herringbone suits

The herringbone suit is featured in the most recent collections from several of the biggest designers in men's fashion. It is very classic and elegant, yet fashionable style that is suitable for any occasion. This style remains a popular choice for wear to the office or at a variety of other functions or special occasions. It is available in wide range of colors .You will find coat styles in two buttons, three buttons, and other styles. The durability of this suit also is an added advantage which attracts many buyers. The quality of herringbone suits can be compared to the quality of high priced suits by famous designers.

Herringbone is probably one of the easiest patterns man can wear. For example a herringbone suit in gray and black is a subtle step above your basic charcoal or mid-gray suit. Herringbone patterns naturally come in different sizes and if the patterns are smaller it is easier to combine with other patterns and clothes. Not considered flashy and trendy but if you prefer tweed and offbeat style this herringbone suit is a good choice for you. Be brave, be confident, but always take care of the fit of the suit. The right fit suit is the first step to confident style.

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