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Ideal Combination of Suits and Shirts

Summary: Among all the dresses of men suits are one of the most dignified and elegant attire that can be wear for all occasion and all season.  It is suitable for the formal dinner party or the imminent career-move interview, a neatly pressed suits and shirts and a matching tie can make a marked difference to the man’s outlook and confidence.

You may have all kinds of design of shirt in your wardrobe, but t is very important to match the right shirt with the suit.

The wisest choice in suits and shirts is to have the classical colors of navy blue, black and grey as this forms the foundation of your entire ensemble.  

Moving on to the dress shirts, always have at least one each in cool colors like white, gray, and light blue. These can be worn comfortably with any of the suits. Also keep a tie, one each in stripes and checks. This type of ensemble will best suit the board meeting or the first meet with the client.

Some stylish and trendy options are:

Two solid colored fabrics with a contrast of a patterned garment – like a navy blue suit with a similar tinted tie and striped blue dress shirt can look extremely good and well coordinated if you can carry it well. You can also reverse this combination with two patterns and one solid like patterned business suit plus an Italian silk tie and a plain solid shirt. The essence of color should remain constant in all the three individual dresses with only the pattern adding a hint of interest.

The most interesting yet difficult combination would be three patterns. Although the color in all the three garments would be the unifying code, carrying an ensemble with three patterns has its own risks.. An interesting color of your dress shirt collection can be the pink color. The shades should be light to lighter pink. This can be worn comfortably with the black and navy blue suits. However do not wear it in the board room or other very formal meetings. Yes, they do look good at conferences, parties or at your client presentations.

Remember that the underlying factor in suits and shirts is proper coordination. The main aim of the dressing is to form a frame not just for your body but for the other apparels enclosed and should be in a color that is in contrast to the shirt. The shirt is to form a background that can highlight the V’s and the shades of the suit. The tie gets the whole picture together and should preferably be in the same shade or fabric as the suit.

One way of adding interest to the otherwise boring suits and shirts is with an interesting tie. For parties and informal meeting you can opt for the bow tie. For other occasions you can choose from paisleys, varied sizes of checks and stripes, even polka dots.  Try to avoid comic character ties for all occasions; they look really weird.

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