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Tall Man's Style - Tips for Buying a Suit to Fit Tall Not Big Men

Tall Men SuitsEven if your work does not require you to wear a suit, owning at least one is a must for every man. This will come handy during job interviews and formal occasions like weddings and funerals. However, you would have to consider some things to help you find the most appropriate suit for your height the next time you will go shopping for one.

Heavier fabrics can add some weight. Lightweight fabrics hang and will make a tall, skinny man appear frailer. It would be wise for those who have such body type to opt for heavier fabrics. There are suits for tall men that are constructed from heavier wools that hold their form. Such fabric type allows the wearer to appear proportioned and have more weight. Tweed or heavier worsted wool for your suit is advisable.

Stick to lighter colors. The fabric for your suit must be heavy indeed but it must be light in color. Lighter colors have visual powers that allow objects to appear to have more bulk. Vertical stripes only cause something to look longer while dark colors cause an object to look slimmer. You would not want to look taller and skinnier than you already are. Choosing a suit that has a lighter color, for instance, gray without vertical stripes would be very smart.

Opt for a three-button jacket. A long and lanky form is perfect for wearing a three-button jacket. The Three Button Suit add extra height and length. Since tall men have longer torsos, this look can only be pulled off by tall men. On the other hand, sticking to two-button jackets would be advisable for short, bulky men. The modish three button feature is advisable only for tall, skinny men with only the top two buttons fastened.

Stick with a single-vent jacket. When it comes to the vent, tall, skinny framed men can opt for vent-less or a single vent jacket. Jacket vents not only allow movement, create a visual appeal and add extra features to a jacket. These are not needed by skinny guys. Sticking with jackets with a single vent or vent-less makes the rear appear fuller in a modest way.

Own pants with a regular rise. Since tall men are long-legged, their pants must not make them appear taller than they already are. The pants should have a longer rise. This ensures that you are not made to look any taller than what you already are. The rise is the distance between the crotch and the waistband which helps make the body and the legs to look proportioned. A regular rise brings balance and symmetry to the long legs and torso of a tall, skinny man.

Tall Men SuitsJackets and Mens Suits for Tall Men are included in the wardrobe of a smart dresser. So if you have them, you are indeed a smart dresser. Tall, thin men have blazers, sport jackets, and suits as their secret weapon for the chest to appear more bulky and for the shoulders to look more masculine.

Although there are Blazers, Sport Jackets, and Suits for Tall Men available everywhere and most tailors can make adjustments on them, these are just as difficult to find as shirts for the size of a skinny guy. You should prioritize good fit on your shoulders since the fit on the shoulders is the most difficult to adjust. All other fits can be resolved with fairly little cost but jackets that hang off the shoulders or pinch in them will be so difficult to fix. Thicker shoulders add a little bulk and provide padding to your thin frame so you should look for these. The back of your jacket must hang at least to the top of the buttocks or you can allow it to hang some inches further. This helps to make your legs shorter and allow you to have a more balanced look.

Another perfect choice for tall, slender guys is the double-breasted jacket but only appropriate to be worn with a matched suit. A double-breasted jacket includes an extra cloth covers and fills out the frame of the chest and can be worn fit closely to the chest. This style is both elegant and attention-getting. You are sure to get noticed in a big crowd. Apart from a double-breasted jacket, a three-piece suit is an alternative choice. The waistcoat provides extra covering and allows movement for the torso.

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