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Ticket Pockets

As season changes from time to time and so do people also change. People tend to change their art of dressing from time immemorial. Change is inevitable!! Initially, ticket pocketswere made for the equestrians and mainly for the passengers who travel in trains. This pocket is located just above the other normal pocket and it is used as an easy access to take the tickets without unbuttoning. The size of a ticket pocket is usually less than the size of the other two pockets.

Ticket Pockets

Now- a-days people like to wear these kinds of suits and it has become a new trend in the market. In the olden days this pocket was used to keep wallets, tickets, pocket watches and so on but these days it can be used to keep costly mobile phones and even electronic car keys too. One can add a fake ticket pocket to an existing normal suit with some extra fabric and this can also be undone. There are many varieties of ticket pocket suits like tuxedo ticket pocket, sport coat ticket pocket and many more. Even though some say that these ticket pockets are out dated, many are willing to buy suits with these ticket pockets. Many business people love to buy these kinds of suits. Ticket pocket suits looks good with appropriate accessories.

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