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From head to toe, "Style and the Man" is a valuable guide towards dressing and feeling successful in any situation. "Style and the Man" can help a man attain a perfect look to his dress wear, and consistency in his wardrobe. Here are some sample fashion tips from "Style and the Man". We highly recommend this book. We feel that it belongs on the bookshelf of every man who truly cares about dressing his best. The Shoulders Shoulders cut too wide diminish the head. Shoulders cut too narrow make the head appear larger than it is. The jacket's shoulders frame the head--A balanced presentation. Fullness over the blades allows the jacket to drape comfortably and releases the arms to move freely. Jacket Length Method 1: Jacket length in relation to the arm, rule of thumb: Jacket's bottom should line up with thumb knuckle. Method 2: Jacket length in relation to the torso. Divide the distance from the collar's seam to the floor in half. Placement of the Gorge Jacket collar needs to be raised. Jacket collar needs to be lowered. Correct relationship: As 1/2" of the shirtsleeve should show below the jacket cuff, 1/2" o the shirt collar should appear above the jacket collar. Dressing The Hand Dressing the hand: A 1/2" Band of linen should show below the jacket cuff. Most men wear their coat sleeves too long. The sleeve must have enough length for the arm to bend without pulling on the cuff. The shirt cuff must fit snugly, so that the additional sleeve length will not all over the hand. Trousers The weight of the cuff helps keep the trouser on the shoe. The trouser bottom should cover two-thirds of the wearer's shoe and be long enough to remain in contact with the shoe when walking. The trouser crease should intersect the middle of the knee and bisect the middle of the shoe. Shoes The classic Italian shoe: Its lower lines make the foot appear smaller. The traditional British shoe: Its welt construction gives it a more substantial proportion. The Dress Shirt All fine dress shirts should have a buttoning sleeve placket. Evidence of meticulous crafting is the presence of a horizontal buttonhole. Symbol of old-world workmanship: Reinforcing gusset strengthens and conceals the point at which the shirt's front, back, and side seams join. A matching patterned yoke to sleeve is found only in a very expensive dress shirt. The Dress Shirt Collar Straight point collars offset facial rotundity. Spread collars best present the long of narrow face. The cynosure of the tailored man's presentation. The Fit of Your Dress Shirt Well-designed spread collars should have no tie space. The edges of a spread-collar dress shirt should be covered by the jacket front.
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