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Refresh Your Wardrobe Provided you maintain them, it's unlikely that any of your clothes will ever smell "ripe." Nevertheless, clothes do have a shelf life. Typically, a well-made suit with regular (once a week) wear should last around five years. This will depend on your line of work, dry cleaning intervals (usually too frequent) and that most evil of demons: "closet shrinkage" (clothing spontaneously changing size in inverse relation to your fried cheese intake.) Shirts and ties are usually made of less durable fabrics — cotton, polyester, silk — and are laundered more often. With regular wear, these items usually last around two years. "Hey c'mon. These shirts are okay!" you'll cry in defiance as someone not necessarily older, but certainly wiser, gathers them for charity. You'll even button them to prove their worthiness. But fabric thins, collars fray, crispness fades, and perspiration erodes. Plus, the more popular the shirt, the dingier the fabric is liable to become after repeated washing and/or cleaning. As for your ties, their "closet life" depends on their wear intervals. If you don't snag, wear, stain, or dry clean them too often, ties can last a decade. Whether they sport a pattern that will stay fashionable for a decade is another story. The best remedy for uneven "closet life spans" is clothing rotation. When you purchase a new suit or sport coat, select two or three new shirts and ties and cycle them into your wardrobe accordingly. As the wear interval increases, so too does the closet life span of your garments. But if you didn't plan ahead on your previous purchases and you're feeling the stress of uneven closet life spans, it's time to refresh your wardrobe. This can be difficult, as it is sometimes difficult to remember exactly what your tailored clothing looks like by the time you arrive in the store. The solution: bring it with you! Men's Wearhouse Wardrobe Consultants will help you find updated accessories for all of your tailored clothing. This service is especially helpful if you have a patterned sport jacket far which tie selection can be tricky. We can also press your clothing while it is in our store. Sometimes something as simple as a fresh shirt and tie combo and a hot press can make a suit or sport jacket look new again. White shirts are always a safe purchase. Ecru (like ivory) is just as easy to match as a white shirt, but blends more smoothly with earth-tone clothing and looks great with charcoal, black, and navy. Strong hued, solid-color shirts are very fashionable right now. Lavenders, greens, bright blues, and tans fill the shirt tables. As clothing becomes more fun, shopping may initially seem less so. Let's face it -- unless you're buying a car, "options" are not often the key to an easy shopping experience. Nevertheless, keeping up with the current trends in color is one of the best ways to refresh your tailored clothing wardrobe. Go ask for help the first time and it will get easier after that. As George says in one of our commercials, "You wouldn't put old tires on a new car, would you?" Tires are to cars what shoes are to suits. Shoes come in many different colors and styles. The most important thing to remember is never sacrifice comfort for fashion. This doesn't mean you should wear your old running shoes with your tux, but rather that good dress shoes are not only well made and great looking, but should be comfortable from the moment you try them on. Shoes also have a closet life that ranges from one to three years. Factors involved in wearing out a shoe include wear intervals, sizing, gait, whether or not you use cedar shoe trees, ground surface conditions, and weather – to name the most common. The best way to increase the closet life of your shoes is to own several pairs and cycle them daily. When they're not on your feet, fill them with cedar shoetrees. Shoetrees will draw out the perspiration from the leather, keep the leather softer, and help to retain the shape of your shoe. Your basic shoe wardrobe should include black, burgundy, and brown and should be refreshed whenever shoes begin to look dull or faded. The more shoes you own and the more care you give them, the longer they will last.
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