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You finally did it. You invested in some handsome new clothes. Here are a few tips that could help turn this investment into a long-term one. For garments such as overcoats, suits, sport jackets, wool sweaters, and slacks, it's always best to hang them on cedar hangers. Cedar chips placed in the closet also have the happy habit of absorbing moisture and unsavory odors. When placing upper body garments on hangers, make sure that the shoulders hang straight and even. This keeps the pieces from becoming crinkled or bent out of shape. Fold slacks by the pressed seams to help maintain drape and shape, and minimize unwanted creasing. For optimum dress shirt care, regular cleaning and ironing is necessary. Although ironing does cut into the life span of your shirts, no businessman, not even one who has his corner office windows facing the beach, is going to get very far with "the wrinkled look." You can also purchase a hand steamer for minimal touch ups due to travel or closet overcrowding. Cedar hangers, while needed for coat and jackets, don't come cheap and take up a little extra closet space, so they're not always practical for hanging shirts. In any case, at least replace your wire hangers with the wider, rounder plastic type, which are better for all types of fabrics. (Your dry cleaner gives wire hangers away for free. What does this say to you?) Knits (golf shirts, mock, turtle and v-necks, etc.) should be properly folded and placed in a chest of drawers to keep the fabric from pulling or stretching. DO NOT hang them up, as it could cause irreversible stretching in the shoulders. Purchase a pair of cedar shoetrees for each and every pair of dress shoes you own. Cedar shoetrees remove excess sweat, moisture, and unsavory odors from your shoes, plus reduce "buckling" at the "step" (the place where you're shoe naturally bends as you walk). A good buff and shine after several wearings can also do wonders for the life span of your shoe wardrobe. Belts and suspenders are best left hanging from a belt hanger, as opposed to being rolled up like a yo-yo. Ties should be hung from a tie rack or hanger, and as well pressed regularly to help ensure that they last. Be careful. Silk is a delicate fabric and is easy manipulated. For safety's sake, place a clean, flat dishtowel between a silk tie and your iron. As for the little things, such as socks, underwear, etc., a separate drawer in your dresser for each would be a good start
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