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Articles >>All about branded collor in mens suit

Banded Collar A collar consisting of removable strips of cloth that sit on the neck of the shirt and button at the front. Banded collar shirts were popular before the standard dress shirt and are still produced, however, they are considered fashion dress not business dress. Bar Tack A small piece of fabric sewn onto the back of the wide end of the tie to give the tie more structure. Barn Jacket A utilitarian, roomy jacket usually offered in micro fiber, with corduroy collar, large patch pockets, and flannel or wool lining. Bellows Pocket An expanding, pleated jacket pocket. Belt Loops Fabric loops attached to the waistline of pants in order to hold a belt in place. Not often found on tuxedo pants or pants with elastic waistbands. Besom Pocket A pocket with a narrow welted edging. A single besom pocket has edging on the pocket lip. A double besom pocket has edging on, and immediately above, the pocket. Blazer A sport coat, whether single- or double-breasted , that is typically a solid color of navy or black, often featuring contrasting buttons of brass or animal horn. Bomber Jacket Leather pilot jacket with sheepskin lining and elastic waist. Boutonniere A flower worn for adornment on the lapel of a jacket. Bow Tie A small necktie tied into a bow. Usually worn with a tuxedo. Bow ties are made in both the more common pre-tied or clip-on styles, and in the traditional, hand-tied model. Braces Suspenders without claps that button into the waistband of pants, giving a more formal look than clasp suspenders or belts. Ask about adding brace buttons when you are purchasing your next pair of pants. Break Horizontal crease in the pant leg where it hits the vent of the shoe. The break is important to consider when judging the fit of the pants. British Spread Collar A collar with a wider, more formal spread than the spread collar. Broadcloth A fine, closely woven cotton or poly/cotton fabric in plain weave with a fine rib in the horizontal direction. This cloth is usually mercerized and has a soft, firm finish. Also called poplin. Butterfly Tie A bow tie with wide butterfly-like ends. Button Down Collar A collar with two small buttons that hold down its points
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