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Raglan Loose-fitting coat with full-cut sleeves and a seam extending at an angle from each armhole to the collar in front and in back. It is named after the 1st Baron Raglan, commander of British troops in the Crimea Raglan Shirt A loose-fitting shirt that comes in short or long sleeves. Made from a variety of materials, this shirt is appropriate for casual workdays. Rayon Originally known as "artificial silk," rayon is characterized by its pleasant hand, good draping qualities, and ability to be dyed in bright colors. Rayon is manufactured from regenerated wood fiber. Rep Tie A type of plain-woven silk tie featuring a predominant crosswise rib. Rep ties often, but not always, feature diagonal stripes. Reverse Pleat A pleat on a pant where he fabric is folded on the inside. With the correct fit, a reverse pleat can create a slender look. Riley Collar Named for Pat Riley, a spread collar with rounded tips that point at an angle rather than straight down. Rise The length between the top of the waistband and the crotch. Sharkskin Worsted fabric made from a small twill weave. Very durable, it is often made with two different colored yarns to produce a mottled effect said to resemble the skin of a shark. Shawl Collar A type of collar used on jackets, it is wide and round. The collar begins on the back of the neck and curves around to the front. Shetland Soft, lightweight, warm wool fabric made to have a soft hand and shaggy finish the nature of traditional wool from Shetland sheep. Shirt Jacket A loose-fitting jacket worn in lieu of a sports coat. Silk Produced from the cocoons of the larva of the silkworm moth, silk is the finest and strongest natural fiber. Silk has been used for making clothing in Asia since 2650 BC. Silk fiber is produced almost exclusively in China, then exported for fabric production. Single Needle Fabric knitted with a single needle, which means it is less substantial, durable, and structured than a double needle knit. Smoking Jacket A loose-fitting wrap jacket with a shawl collar that ties around the waist. Usually in velvet, wool, brocade, or another heavy, rich material. Smoking jackets are meant to be worn at home, not in the workplace. Sports Jacket A jacket usually worn with slacks of a different fabric. The sport coat was invented when King George IV ordered a jacket without matching trousers to wear while shooting at the Duke of Norfolk's estate. Spread Collar A dress shirt collar that is spread wider than collars on most other shirts. The spread allows room for the Windsor-style tie knot. Striped Tie A corded silk tie with diagonal stripes made with a crosswise weave. Super 100s Woven from the finest wool available, those wools designated as SUPER are ultra-fine yarns, woven into luxurious feeling fabrics. The number does not refer to the actual yarn size that the fabric is woven from, but rather the quality and length of the wool fibers used in its making. Higher numbers (i.e., Super 100, 120, 140, etc.) imply wools of increasing relative fineness. Suspenders Strips of fabric, worn instead of a belt, that clip to the waistband and are worn over the shoulder in order to keep
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