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Tab Collar A collar with two small tabs on either point that can be attached to hold the collar in place. The tabs bring the collar close to the base of the neck and stay beneath the knot of the tie. Tie Chain A chain that attaches just under the knot to keep the tie in place. Tie Tack A decorative pin that holds shirt and tie in place. Can snag the material in the tie. Trench Coat Double-breasted outer coat patterned after the gabardine coat worn in the trenches by British army officers in World War I. The original had a gun flap, removable processed lining, all-around belt, and brass trimming. Most of these details are present in the adaptation for civilians. Tropical Refers to suiting fabrics of a year-round weight, generally 8 to 9 oz./linear yard. Turtleneck A long-necked pullover with a collar that is rolled down to fit closely around the neck. V-neck A v-shaped neck shape for a shirt or sweater. Wales In woven fabric, such as corduroy, one in a series of ribs or cords. The number of wales per inch is a measure of the fineness of the fabric. Windsor Knot A wide, puffy style knot that protrudes in front of the collar. Looks best with a spread collar. Edward the VIII, Duke of Windsor, made this style popular in the first half of the twentieth century. Wool Fiber produced from the fleece of sheep or lamb. Tailored clothing is generally made from two types of wool - worsted (or combed) wool, the best grade of wool; or carded wool, a cheaper grade of wool. Worsted wool is made from higher quality fibers and is combed to remove impurities.
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