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Articles >>How to buy comfortable shoes?

How to Buy Comfortable Shoes Whether shoes are comfortable is determined by how well they fit. You can also prevent some foot and knee problems by buying shoes that fit properly. Steps: 1. Check the size of your feet regularly. Our feet change as we age. 2. Take separate measurements for each foot. Each foot size is different. 3. Try on shoes at the end of the day, when feet are typically largest. 4. Always try on shoes and avoid relying on the size indicated. Companies manufacture sizes differently. 5. Be sure to stand and walk when trying on shoes, and allow for approximately 1/2 inch of space for the longest toe of each foot. 6. Be sure your heels fit comfortably and slip only slightly. 7. Select shoes that conform to your feet. Warnings: Some shoes do give a little, but don't buy an uncomfortable shoe with the notion that it will stretch to fit your foot. Tips from eHow Users: Square feet? by Leslie M. If you have to buy longer shoes due to width, using a product called "shoe stretch" can help. Pick a day you can stay home, follow directions on the product, and wear the shoes around the house for the day. Add more stretch as needed.
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