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Articles >>How to Dress for a Baby's Baptism ?

How to Dress for a Baby's Baptism To share in the joy of a baby's baptism is a memorable experience. This special occasion calls for dressy attire. Steps: 1. Consult the parents about the formality of the event. Business-casual clothing is appropriate for most baptismal ceremonies; however, slightly dressier attire may be expected of godparents. 2. Consider slacks with a shirt and tie, if you're a man, or a sweater and sport coat. A dressier option would be a suit. Pair loafers with slacks and lace-up shoes with a suit. 3. Select a nice dress, if you're a woman, or a simple suit for a dressier option. Keep skirt length to the knee or longer; pair with low, comfortable heels. 4. Choose bold colors that complement your natural coloring. White and lighter colors may betray any of the baby's blunders on your shoulder. 5. Keep jewelry neat, as the baby may grab on to a dangling earring or long necklace. Tips: Put on clothes just prior to leaving for the event to minimize creases and wrinkles. Tips from eHow Users: Display in a shadow box by Patrick B. When your baby's baptism is over, you can display the gown in a shadow box as a keepsake. A shadow box is basically a very deep picture frame, and it gives a museum-quality feel to anything you want to display. We also display our baby's first outfit.
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