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Articles >>How to Purchase Vintage Clothing

How to Purchase Vintage Clothing Whether your style is a 1970s Adidas jogging suit or a 1950s Chanel suit, an authentic disco shirt or a period zoot suit, going retro is a way to stand apart from the crowd. Steps: 1. Scout out local and online sources that specialize in high-quality vintage clothes from a particular era or style. 2. Scour thrift stores, garage sales and flea markets for bargain priced treasures, from gasoline station jackets and bowling shirts to wedding gowns and embroidered aprons. 3. Plan to shop frequently because the availability of vintage clothing is, by its nature, hit or miss. 4. Consider having a quality item altered if it's too big. Some damage can be repaired: It's easy to sew up a split seam but not a moth hole. Odors and stains are often permanent. Factor in the complexity and cost of alterations. For example, it's far easier and cheaper to take up a pant hem than to take in a lined jacket. 5. Examine the garment's quality and condition. Check stress points such as under the arms for wear, and make sure zippers work. Overall Tips: Vintage fabrics can be fragile. A cleaner can advise you on whether to dry-clean or hand wash the garment. Don't go by the size on the label: Sizes varied before they were regulated.
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