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Articles >>How to Rent a Tuxedo?

How to Rent a Tuxedo A tuxedo is customary for a trip down the aisle, opening night at the opera and other formal occasions. When renting a tux, plan ahead to ensure the proper fit and best selection. Steps: 1. Check the phone book for tuxedo-rental shops in your area. When renting for wedding attendants, look for stores with multiple locations or stores that will fit a tux based on measurements'this helps ensure a consistent look. 2. Visit your chosen store four to eight weeks prior to the event to have your measurements taken. Good sales associates measure around your chest (both including and excluding the width of your arms); your naked waist at belt height; your hip girth, including your seat; your neck circumference; and your sleeve length from the center of your back. 3. Consider cuts that complement your build and accommodate the formality of the occasion. In contrast to the rule for business suits, double-breasted tux jackets and those with wider lapels look great on a broad-chested, heavier-set man. A cropped jacket will elongate the height of a shorter man. 4. Prepare to pay between $100 and $150, excluding tax, for a rental that includes pants, jacket, shirt, tie, cummerbund, shirt buttons, cufflinks, socks and shoes. Prices vary depending on the cut and make of the tux, and on whether you want a vest, a special necktie, or fancier cufflinks and buttons. You usually leave a deposit when you have your measurements taken, and pay the balance before leaving with tux in hand. 5. Schedule a final fitting one week before the event. The rental price includes alterations'you may need a lift in the sleeve or a tuck in the waist to be dancing through the wee hours comfortably and in style. 6. Pay attention when the sales associate explains how to get dressed in a tux. You may find you're all thumbs with the special buttons, cufflinks, cummerbund and tie if you do not understand how to put them together. 7. Plan to return your tuxedo the day after your event, although some stores may give you a few additional days. You are seldom required to dry-clean the rental, but damages and excessively late returns will add to your final bill. Tips: Rent from establishments that offer in-store inventory. Should you have any last-minute changes or additional needs, they can offer you an alternative. A white bowtie and cummerbund paired with a coat and tails is the most formal choice, but a black bow tie and cummerbund are acceptable at any formal event. Warnings: If you're coordinating tuxedo rentals as the best man, don't expect your groomsmen to remember all the dates and details about their rentals. It's a good idea to confirm that they've hit all the deadlines for measurement submission and have made appointments for fittings. If the store you're using doesn't have multiple locations, encourage out-of-town members of your wedding party to have measurements taken professionally at a tuxedo-rental store or tailor shop near them, then send the figures on to the store providing all the tuxes. Self-measurements can be very inaccurate. Tips from eHow Users: Use your own shoes by eHow Friend Every pair of tux shoes I've rented have been blindingly shiny and less than comfortable. And it's always felt a bit like renting bowling shoes. If you can afford it, buy shoes you like and will use again. Rate this tip: Be a good groom by lauren G. To be a good groom, make sure that all of your men have all of the information to give to your chosen place of business. Also, let everyone know about total cost and
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