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Articles >>How to Choose an Appropriate Jacket or Coat for a Groom and Groomsmen

How to Choose an Appropriate Jacket or Coat for a Groom and Groomsmen The men of the hour should look to styles and colors that match the color and theme of the wedding, as well as the time of day and formality of the ceremony. Steps: 1. Button up in a navy or gray suit or blazer if the event is informal and set to take place in winter's light of day. Reserve lighter colors for summer. 2. Dress to impress in a black tuxedo or a dark suit for an informal evening event. Again, choose lighter colors for the spring or summer months. 3. Select a gray or black spencer coat or formal suit for a formal daytime ceremony in the colder seasons (go lighter in the warmer months). 4. Don a morning coat, sometimes called a cutaway, for a very formal daytime wedding. 5. Think Bond - James Bond - for a formal evening wedding. Sport a black, white or ivory dinner jacket or a black tuxedo. 6. Exude class in a white-tie ensemble - with a black tailcoat over a white waistcoat or vest - reserved for the most formal of evening events. Tips: Order suits three months before the wedding. Once you have chosen the appropriate style, focus on fit. The jacket should be comfortable at the neck and shoulders, fasten easily and remain relaxed when you stand, sit and tango. Warnings: Tuxedos aren't appropriate for weddings that begin before 6 p.m. If the reception begins at 6 p.m. or later, you may be able to fudge it with this rule.
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