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NEW YORK TIMES, JUNE 7, 1 943 28 ZOOT SUITERS SEIZED ON COAST AFTER CLASHES WITH SERVICE MEN Subdued and no longer ready to do battle, twenty-eight zoot-suiters, stripped of their garish clothing and with county jail barbers hopefully eyeing their flowing duck-tail haircuts, languished behind bars today after a second night of battle with of fleers and service men. The arrests came after a "war" declared by service men, mostly sailors, on zoos-suit gangs which have been preying on the East Side as well as molesting civilians. Impetus was given to the clean-up campaign when the wives of two sailors were criminally attacked by the youths. Cruising in taxicabs and cars, and occasionally spearing into enemy territory on foot in precise platoon drill, the service men routed the gangs, depriving them of crude weapons. Favored for fighting by the youths were lengths of rope weighted with wire and lead, tire chains and wrenches, hammers and heavy bottles, some with the tops broken off. Deputy sheriffs and police riot squads patrolled the "No Man's Land," breaking up fights where possible. Sixteen Mexican youths, all armed with some sort of bludgeon, were arrest-ed. They were said to have tried to keep Deputy Sheriffs Foster Kellogg and E. N. Smith from arresting one of their number. The entire lot was booked in the county jail on riot charges after flying squadrons of officers arrived on the scene. The suspects, who were in a truck, said they were on their way to "have it out" with a bunch of sailors who had sent word they would be at California and Temple Streets to accommodate any of the zoot-suiters who thought Uncle Sam's fighting men were not just that. All zoot suits are only $299.99 and up U.S.D. (sizes 48-54 add a $30 upsize charge, sizes 56-74 are custom.) Price does not include pachuco zoot suit chain, other accessories, nor shipping and handling. Suavecito's - often imitated, never duplicated!!! Suavecito's Zoot Suit Old School is back! Suavecito's Zoot Suits, Suits of Action! (these suits get action) Old School is back with a vengeance! The "Suavecito Zoot Suit" model (shown to the right) has the old school zoot suit look from the height of the zoot suit era in the early and mid 1940s. This model has a 3 button, single breast, single vent, flared lapel jacket accompanied by a reat pleat, extra baggy trouser rising above the navel with dropped belt loops and is pegged at the hemline. The Zoot Tux Available for purchase or rental. Suavecito's has done it yet once again. A Suavecito's original! The " Zoot Tux" is what your local tux shop wishes they had. This is NOT the wannabe Zoot Tux that most tuxedo stores carry with the skinny regular tux pants and and long jacket, this is the real thing! Solid black and made in the same style as the "Suavecito" model, but with the satin lapel, pocket treatments, buttons. "A local tux shop carries a zoot suit model, but it's nothing when put up to the ones you guys sell." Steven B., Eureka, CA You want attitude? You want class? Suavecito's "Zoot Tux" is what you need! Buy it or rent it from us, or contact your local tuxedo store to request it. Click on the suit name below for pictures of the suits. (The price of the suit covers only the jacket and pants. Accessories are available at an extra cost.) Zoot Tux Joker Purple Yellow Lilac Purple White Neon Green Tiger (custom only) Zebra (custom only) Blue Gold Multi-Pin Baby Blue Orange Red Suits come in sizes 36-56, regular and long, call for availability. Call us toll-free at (888) 298-7848 to order, check on additional in-store specials, styles and colors, and also to check on current availability. [ Home ] [ Zoot Suits & Rentals ] [ Our Customers ] [ Shoes ] [ Suavecito Hats ] [ Shirts ] [ Accessories & Ties ] [ Photo Gallery ] [ Cool Stuff ] [ Suavecito's Models ] [ Showroom ] [ Order ] [ Military Discount ] [ Wholesale ] [ About Us ] For more information contact us toll free at 888.296.7848 info@suavecito.com Showroom Location: 725 Santa Fe Drive Denver, CO 80204 303.825.7922 303.825.7923 (fax) 888.296.7848 (toll free) Website by C&A Enterprises, email for inquiries or to have a website developed for you. Most of the photos are by Michael V. Ornelas/Photo Graphix (303) 612-7606, Roberto's Photography, & Lupe Aguilar. Last updated August 08, 2005 © 1997- 2005, All Rights Reserved. No portion of this site, in whole or in part, may be reproduced without the express written consent of Suavecito Apparel Co., Inc.
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