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Planning a successful wardrobe It takes 5 years to build a good men's wardrobe. So please take it easy and never compromise on quality. Analyze your lifestyle. Determine the kind of activities in which you are involved. Do you have the necessary clothing? Are the items you own appropriate for the occasions in your work and social life? What image do you wish to project? How do you wish to be perceived, and what do you wish to communicate about yourself through the language of clothing? Are you knowledgeable about your body style and figure types? Do you know when clothing fits well, and is most flattering? Do you have favorite styles that you prefer? What do you currently own? Consider a closet assessment so that you will discover what is “best of show” in your wardrobe. Clothing may appear to be okay but if it is not flattering to you, its “shelf life” has expired. Identify the clothing in your wardrobe as “year-round” or of the season. You should assess your clothing twice a year for the fall-winter season, and for the spring-summer season. Discard any clothing that is “tired” or too worn. Any clothing that does not fit you should be placed in another “holding station” and should not be in your “prime time” closet. Any clothing that you do not like should be placed in a group. Consider your budget. What amount of money can you spend on new clothing? What items do you wish to add to your wardrobe? What price points are comfortable for you? Do you wish to be able to mix and match items in your wardrobe, or do you prefer special outfits? What types of accessories do you own? Do you feel that you need to focus on shoes, socks or hosiery, purses and briefcases, belts, scarves, necklaces, pins and earrings? What are your comfort and care requirements for clothing? Do you have any special requirements? Example: Allergy to wool, or aversion to clothing that is scratchy. Analyze your clothing to see if it is well-maintained.
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