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For other meanings than clothing, see Coat (Disambiguation) A coat (a term frequently interchangeable with jacket) is an outer garment worn by both men and women, for warmth or fashion. Coats typically have long sleeves and open down the front, closing by means of buttons, zippers, a belt, or a combination of these. The term jacket is reserved for a hip-length or shorter garment, while coat can be used for a garment of any length. Contents [hide] 1 History of the coat 2 Types of coats 2.1 Coats of the 18th and 19th centuries 2.2 Modern coats and jackets 3 References 4 External references [edit] History of the coat Coat is one of the basic clothing category words in English, attested as far back as the early middle ages. (See also Clothing terminology.) An early use of coat in English is coat of mail, a tunic-like garment of metal rings, usually knee- or mid-calf length. The medieval and renaissance coat (generally spelled cote by costume historians) is a midlength, sleeved men's outer garment, fitted to the waist and buttoned up the front, with a full skirt - in its essentials, not unlike the modern coat. By the eighteenth century, coats had begun to supplant capes and cloaks as outer wear, and by the twentieth century the term jacket became interchangeable with coat for short garments. [edit] Types of coats [edit] Coats of the 18th and 19th centuries Basque, a tightly fitted, kneelength women's jacket of the 1870s Duster, a long coat of light-colored material worn by cattlemen and early automobile travelers to protect clothing from dust and dirt Frock coat, a kneelength men's coat of the nineteenth century Garibaldi jacket, a short, red women's jacket with military trim of the 1860s Greatcoat, a voluminous overcoat with multiple shoulder capes worn by coachmen and the like Morning coat or cutaway, a dress coat still worn as formal wear Norfolk jacket, a sturdy wool jacket with a belt and box pleats front and back for hunting, fishing, and other outdoor sports Redingote (via French from English riding coat), a long fitted coat for men or women Smoking jacket, a men's informal jacket of luxurious fabric Spencer, a waistlength, frequently doublebreasted, men's jacket of the 1790s, adopted as a women's fashion from the early nineteenth century Tailcoat, a late eighteenth century men's coat preserved in today's white tie and tails [edit] Modern coats and jackets Anorak (in the United Kingdom) or parka (in the United States), a hooded jacket for very cold climates Blazer, a nautically-inspired jacket for men or women Bolero, a very short jacket, originally worn by matadors Car coat, a hooded hip-length casual jacket inspired by the parka, popular in the 1960s Dinner Jacket or Tuxedo, a men's coat for formal social occasions Down coat, a warm coat insulated with goose down Duffle Coat or duffel coat, a warm coat made of thick wool; usually having a hood and fastening with toggles Eisenhower jacket, a waist-length, fitted, military-inspired jacket with a waistband based on the World War II Army "Wool Field Jacket, M-1944" introduced by General Dwight Eisenhower Jeans jacket or denim jacket, a jacket falling slightly below the waist, usually of denim, with buttoned band cuffs like a shirt and a waistband that can be adjusted by means of buttons. Also called Levi's jacket (see Levi's) Lab coat, a knee-length simple coat, almost always white, worn by scientists, students and researchers in laboratories. Medical coat, similar to lab coat and is used by physicians Mess jacket, a waist-length formal coat worn with some full-dress military uniforms Motorcycle jacket, a leather jacket, usually black, worn by motorcycle riders Opera coat, an ankle- or floor-length women's coat of luxurious fabric (often velvet), to be worn over an evening gown Overcoat (also Topcoat), a tailored coat worn over a suit or dress P Coat or pea coat, a heavy wool double-breasted hip-length jacket worn by sailors, or a coat styled like this Raincoat, a water-resistant or water proof coat Shooting jacket, a sportcoat with a leather patch on the front shoulder to prevent wear from the butt of a shotgun or rifle, frequently with matching leather patches on the elbows Sportcoat, also a tailored garment, similar in cut to a suit coat, but less restrictive, originally of a sturdy fabric for hunting and other outdoor sports Suit coat, the jacket portion of a men's tailored business suit or lounge suit Trench coat, a military coat developed by Burberry, or any coat styled like this
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