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This is our last newsletter for this year with two articles. We will return to the one article format for January. That issue will be distributed near the end of the month with a report from the Mens Collective in New York about whats going to be "in" for Fall 2005. As always, we appreciate your comments, and if youd prefer something different, let us know. If youve received this newsletter forwarded to you by a friend, you can subscribe at http://www.mensspecialtyretail.com/.

If you havent already purchased your copy of The Mens Clothing Guide, its discounted 35% from $19.95 to $12.95 until January 2, 2005. We ve also added a second special offer - both The Mens Clothing Guide and The Encyclopedia of Clothes by Andy Gilchrist. These two highly complementary books regularly sell for $44.90 separately. Until 1/2/05 theyre both on sale for $31.95, a savings of 40%.

Andy and I were also recently featured in a New York Times article about mens fashion blogs. The link is below.


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To purchase both The Mens Clothing Guide and The Encyclopedia of Clothes click here:


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In This Issue:

1. Privacy Policy
2. Article: After Christmas Sales
3. Article- What to Wear on New Years Eve
4. Coming Next Time

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1. Privacy Policy

We dont sell your information to anyone. Ever. Period.

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2. Article- After Christmas Sales

By: Steve Brinkman

On Christmas Day do a closet audit. Examine the depth and breadth of your wardrobe to determine if you really need anything new. Donate to charity or put back into regular rotation anything you havent worn in six months. Looking at what you have before you go shopping will also keep you from buying similar items.

Set a budget. Stick to it. Only use credit cards if youll pay them off in thirty days. Paying interest detracts from the percentage youre saving on your purchases. Screwing up your finances is a lousy way to start the New Year.

Below are discussions of shopping strategy for the places youre most likely to go:

Department Stores and Company-Owned Boutiques. - Department stores often have the largest selection. If you saw something before Christmas that was too expensive, see if its still there and if its been marked down. These stores usually have the most liberal return policy as well. However, service often leaves a lot to be desired, especially at sale time.

Outlet Stores - rarely have additional markdowns after Christmas and are therefore not as likely to have what youre seeking. And you need to be educated about clothing and know what youre looking for. Remember outlet malls carry merchandise everyone else has picked over and passed on many times. Often clothing has unsightly marks on the labels to prevent enterprising shoppers from returning it at full price. Also be aware that a lot of merchandise in outlet stores is specifically made for those stores and is of inferior quality. Return policies at outlet stores are the most stringent of any store category.

Specialty Stores - My favorite places to shop, before and after Christmas. Specialty stores carry more unique clothing than department stores. The service is better. Usually the alterations staff have more expertise. Prices on initial markdowns are the same as department stores; subsequent price reductions compare favorably with outlet stores. However, be sure of your purchases. Return policies tend to be tougher.

E-Bay - is the granddaddy of them all for discounts. However, youll need even more knowledge than you needed for outlet stores. Youll also have to find a good local tailor to alter what youve bought. Youll need to learn how a garment will fit you without actually trying it on; a procedure for doing this reliably is posted on www.StyleForum.net. Buy NWT, or New With Tags. Watch for fakes, especially on designer merchandise. Again, items here have been picked over by literally everyone in the world. But if you become astute at shopping on E-Bay-oy- the deals.

Finally, dont buy something just because its on sale. The most expensive clothes of all are the ones hanging in your closet not being worn! If something seems an unbelievable deal maybe thats because it is!

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3. Article- What to Wear on New Years Eve

By: Andy Gilchrist and Steve Brinkman

For New Years Eve if youre going out - dress up! After all, ringing in the New Year happens only once a year. If youre not into looking sharp, stay home and watch Dick Clark and the ball drop in Times Square on TV. If youve been invited to a party and arent sure whats proper to wear please see below:

When the invitation reads "Black Tie", "Black Tie Preferred", "Le Smoking", or "Smoking" for an evening semi-formal event, wear a tuxedo with a bow tie, period. If you get invited to two or more events a year requiring a tuxedo buy one. It makes economic sense in the long run. Who wants to wear something that smells like the chemicals from the dry cleaner, and has been worn by 50 other guys? And purchase and learn how to tie a bow tie.

Sure its a lost art, but there are tons of sites on the web that show you how. Try www.roberttalbott.com/tie_bow_tie.html. In rare cases your invitation will read "White Tie" or "Full Dress" for an evening formal event that requires a tuxedo with tails and a white bow tie. Either way, your host is providing an elegant affair and expects you to dress to fit the decor and ambiance of the evening.

When your invitation reads "Black Tie Optional", or "Black Tie Invited", the host is leaving the final decision up to you. We suggest respecting the atmosphere the host is trying to create. Wear a dinner jacket and have fun! Most men will be wearing tuxedos, however if you dont have one a dark suit is perfectly acceptable. A solid white shirt with a solid gold, silver, or elegant blue tie is a great look as well.

"Creative Black Tie" is a request to look like the guys at the Academy Awards who trifle with the classic. Best to leave the black shirts, bolo ties and band collars to the "movie stars". We all have a little rebel in us, but when the look of formalwear is so classic and everyone looks good in black tie, why spoil it with a raspberry ruffled shirt, an unusual collar, or tie treatment just to satisfy the desire for individuality? In formalwear there isnt much room for creativity without making a social blunder. Dont mess with what works!

But, if the urge of individual expression just cant be stifled try tinkering with these items: - A colored or patterned bow tie or cummerbund (not both) - Unusual cuff links and studs - Fancy braces - Velvet slippers (especially for parties youre hosting at home) - Vest instead of a cummerbund - Cashmere or Silk scarf/muffler

One last suggestion - dont drink and drive. A DUI will wreck your clothing budget for quite some time!

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Andy Gilchrists interest in clothing came from his father who even

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