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How to Search the Stores for the Best Tuxedo Suits

Your height and shape will decide the tuxedo for you. If you have a tall physique and a fairly good frame and long legs, a tuxedo with a tail will be the most suitable option for you. If you have a build which is rounded and if you are not so tall, tuxedo with tails cannot be a recommended alternative. If you go in for a single-breasted tuxedo, the number of buttons matters a lot for your dress sense. If you happen to be slim and tall, a single-breasted tuxedo with three or four buttons will be the most ideal one. At any rate, if you have a stocky build, single breasted tuxedo with one or two buttons will be fitting attire for you.

Double-breasted tuxedos will be fantastic for any frame. Defying any usual contention, even men of big build will look elegant in double-breasted tuxedo. As for color, tuxedos are generally black. In warm climate, white tuxedo is preferable. Midnight blue tuxedo is also liked by some.

Mens Tuxedo Suit Tips:

  • Tuxedos will look great if one wears them with formal trousers with a pleated front.
  • A waistcoat or a cummerbund is not recommended with a double-breasted tuxedo.
  • Blue or brown socks will not match a black tuxedo.
  • If you happen to wear a white tuxedo, a white shirt, black shoes and black bow-tie will be an ideal combination.
  • Please don't go in for a pre-tied bow-tie with a tuxedo.

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