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How to Creatively Wear the Right Suit

There are two types of persons. One group of persons has no idea about suits and they will be interested in knowing the elementary details about suits. The other group knows anything and everything about suits and still is interested in acquiring extra information from suit-experts. There are three simple tips on how to wear a suit. The first one is that the suit should be tailored one and not a readymade one from the shelf of a textile showroom. The next one is that the belt and the shoes should match the color of the suit and the last one is about choosing the most modern and suitable tie.

People wear a suit not only for gracing the function; but, also, to appear in a professional and elegant style as a debonair man. For this to happen, he has to see that his suit is a tailored one complying with absolute specifications. For him, a pre-stitched suit is an anachronism to be ignored and avoided. A suit should fit the physical frame of the man who dons it - perfectly and exactly. Suits should not appear saggy or baggy. But, they should not be tight fitting also, since they look awkward and clumsy. And, to cap it all, the wearer will feel it irksome and uncomfortable, looking like a square peg in a round hole, causing derision and contempt. So, a tailored suit is the ultimate choice of a connoisseur of suits, provided the tailor is a flawless expert in the trade, widely accepted and respected for his workmanship and who is able to display his mellowed experience and seasoned expertise.

Mens suitsMens suits Mens suits

The next point to note is about choosing the belt and the shoes which are an inalienable adjunct to the grand suit. When the wearer pays much attention to see that the suit is a tailored one, he has to show equal concentration for picking up the most suitable belt and shoes. Both of them must match the suit perfectly so as to emphasize uniformity without causing any jarring sensibility. Both have to compliment each other which is possible only by coordinating both of them. Black suits will match only black shoes.

Last, but not the least, the tie is an important component. Tie is a significant part of one's wardrobe which attracts the attention of everyone. Tie is a piece of one's attire which goes into the minds of all. Ties should match the shirts. Shoes also play a major role in perfecting the looks of a man. The whole ensemble is a fitting tribute to the prospective groom on the day of wedding.

If you follow these three rules, you will certainly become a cynosure in large gatherings of well-dressed gentlemen. Ultimately, the appearance of a stylish person rests mostly on the scissors of a tailor.

Mens suitsMens suits Mens suits

The below mentioned points are to be followed meticulously.

  • Whatever may be the design of the tie, the knot is the key to man's dress sense. The tip of the tie should touch the middle of your buckle.
  • The shirt provides a neat backdrop for the tie and should match the cufflinks.
  • The belt should not be a short one, not a long one also. It has to measure absolutely and adequately to present a "just fit" look - not tight, not lose.
  • The hem portion of your straight-leg pants should just touch the top of your shoes while covering your socks at the same time.
It is the opinion of fashion experts that men look a shade better without their jackets flapping around. For this to happen, all your buttons need not be fastened.



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