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  Tuxedos :: Choosing a tuxedo suit for your wedding day
Choosing a tuxedo suit for your wedding day

You will have to necessarily spend time and put in some efforts when choosing the right tuxedo for your wedding day. The tuxedo should perfectly fit your physical build as any loose or tight fitting tuxedo will make you look clownish.

Tips for Choosing a Wedding Tuxedo

To determine whether the fit is in order, follow the following tips:

  • Try on the tuxedo along with the correct shirt and shoes.
  • Place your arms at your sides with fingers fully stretched.
  • The hem of the jacket should be not extend beyond your middle finger.
  • The sleeve should gently touch the top of your hand.
  • The shirt cuff should peek out from the jacket sleeve up to half an inch.
  • Your trousers should rest on the heel of your shoe at the rear and break slightly over the tops of your shoes in front.

Whether you opt for a conservative style or prefer a trendy look - is one of your personal preferences. As stated earlier, whichever the style, perfect fit is of paramount importance.

The biggest problem is most grooms do not select their tuxedo or wedding suit sufficiently early. They little realize that selecting the tuxedo for the wedding could be time-consuming. Before deciding on your wedding suit, carefully consider a few important factors.

= Whether the manner of wedding is going to be formal or informal
= whether the wedding is slated for the morning, afternoon or evening.
= What is the scale of the wedding, the size of the wedding party and number of guests
= Venue of the wedding - church, town hall, park or beach.

Most of the wedding grooms prefer tuxedos whatever the style of the wedding because of its versatality. A tuxedo with a bow tie and tails gives you an elegant look befitting the occasion. But in most of the weddings a tuxedo without tails, with a matching vest and bright tie should be adequate for the groom. For casual weddings, most grooms prefer sports jacket and slacks rather than a tuxedo. Back to Top

Mens Black Tuxedo Suits

Generally speaking, black tuxedos are in great demand as it endows the groom with a sophisticated look. If you buy a tuxedo from a reputable store, they will be only too ready to make minor alternations to ensure you get that perfect fit. Double breasted tuxedo jackets should be scrupulously avoided by men who are obese or those who are too thin. Choose a tuxedo jacket that is appropriate to your height so that your body does not look overwhelmed by the jacket.

After you make the decision as to what type of tuxedo or suit you are looking for the next thing you may want to do is consider whether you want to rent or buy your tuxedos for your wedding.

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Renting a Tuxedo Suit

Wedding is a great occasion and hence buying a tuxedo is always wiser than renting a cheap tuxedo - if you can afford it. Rented tuxedos unfortunately often look slovenly, ill fitting and even uncomfortable. If you are getting married in a popular wedding month and are planning to rent the tuxedo, reserve the tuxedos well in advance so that you do not end up wearing some cheap rejects. If you do rent, you can usually pick up the tux two or three days in advance. Check to make sure that all the buttons are on and secure and that the tux has no stains, cigarette burns, or other damage. Back to Top

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