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White Dinner Coat

Dinner jacketsSince the dawn of retro looks and modern trends, clothing such as the white dinner coat has been slowly deteriorating in plain sight. In formal occasions these days, men wearing white dinner coats are becoming less and less. Thinking of it, men these days in formal events just throw in whatever suit they have in their closets. Of course they'd think it would just be a couple of hour's party, but mind you, dressing to impress is like paying respect to those people you'd be meeting in those gatherings. If you looked good, it means that you really had the time to at least gather the stuffs that would complete your look.

As for white dinner coats, if you would look at it, traditionalists are the only ones sporting it these days. White dinner coats are kind of heavy. If you're thinking of using the entire attire as focused on the white dinner coat, there are some reminders you have to take into consideration. First and foremost, what's the event? Is it a formal event, just a simple get-together or a social party in a cruise? If the event is formal, you may consider putting on a white dinner coat. Match it with a black bow tie, and a white crisp shirt. If the dinner coat is single-breasted you may go with a black cummerbund. But if it's double breasted, you may do away with a cummerbund. Black trousers would be the best match for the dinner white coat. Throw in a patent black leather shoes.

Dinner jacketsTraditionalists would require you to wear a white pique shirt, white pique vest and a matching bow tie. Just like the white dinner jacket, this white dinner coat also exudes a cool, elegant breeze to it. You wear a white dinner jacket in day time but with white dinner coat you may use it in evening events too. The only concern is that, it's not commonly used, since the color for evening-held formal events are black and midnight blue suits. The opportunities to wearing white dinner coat is limited. Regarding the fabric of the lapel, it should be the same as the fabric of the coat. Double cuffs collar for the shirt may work well too, but a wing collar might not just be acceptable.

As for the waistcoat, and cummerbund, most men prefer wearing waistcoat. It's a bit warm than the cummerbund but it gives a man a better A-line torso shape. Cummerbunds are usually worn by catering services crew; nonetheless, waistcoats are a must-have for a white dinner coat. Never attempt to wear trousers colors other than black, even though you'd be wearing it dark. It would be a great advantage to just stick with the usual black trousers.

White dinner coats aren't really given much attention as to giving a modern touch. Some tailors give it a look boost by stitching centimeter-thin black additions to its hems. Some use very good quality fabrics to improve the texture over-all look, when light hits the fabric. Some even use at least a bit different shade of cream into the so-called white dinner coats. You may partner the coat with a presidential square pocket. It's simply authoritative and elegant.

Give it the Modern Glitz:
White dinner coats, as I said is seldom given the trendy modern touch. If you want to keep in the trendy side, try using an ivory white dinner coat, the one with a metallic shine. With that, it would be a lot better to put it over a silk dress shirt with geometric patterns. The color of the patterns must be near the dark scale. Colors include dark violet, red violet, black, and maroon. Keep the coat unbuttoned to show the patterns on the shirt under it. Use a V-cut shirt to compliment the shape of the white dinner coat. For the trousers, keep it black, so as to not ruin the over-all aesthetics of your style.

Dinner jacketsThe way you put-together your outfit, with its color, fabric, shape and pattern, shows your personality and your mood for the event. If it's just a simple get-together, let loose. Being formal will leave you out of the fun. Since white dinner coats in parties are a great head turner, you may want to keep it simple, since white dinner jackets and coats are worn by the host of the party. You can style yourself in the way you want if you have the taste for aesthetics, but you could be a limelight theft if you won't keep it down. Don't stress yourself with the ties. Bow tie or neck tie, whatever you want to coil around your neck, just leave it out; you're sporting your own modernized white dinner coat so you have to do away with a bit of formality.

Shoes- keep it simple. An Italian shoe or a well-polished patent black leather shoes will do its magic. Don't forget the attitude for your finishing touch. Confidence is a must but once it goes beyond what anyone could handle, you're out of the party. Keep a simple smile for everyone; it'll help you blend well.

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