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Zoot Suit Glossary

Zoot Suit Glossary

  • Tramas - Wide-legged, tight-cuffed, or "pegged" trouser.
  • Carlango - Long coat with wide lapels and wide padded shoulders.
  • Tapa or Tanda - Felt hat with long feather.
  • Calcos - Pointy French style shoes.
  • Pachucos - Mexican American youths in mid-20th Century who wore flashy clothes such as zoot suit.
  • Zoot Suit Riots - Series of riots that erupted in Los Angeles, California during World War II between sailors and soldiers stationed in the city and Mexican American youth gangs headed by Pachucos who wore zoot suits.
  • Zazous - French version of zoot suit worn after World War II. The French youth wore these suits to express their individuality.

Zoot Suits Today

In spite of the riots of 1943, zoot suits are still popular in today's world. After the war, the rationing of clothes was over. More and more people started wearing the zoot suits. People feel more relaxed and comfortable in zoot suits than any other men's suit. The teenagers like the loose fitting trouser which is perfect for dancing and cool style with flashy look.

The popularity for mens zoot suits increased with movies such as "Mask," "Wild, Wild West," and trilogy "Matrix," The bright yellow zoot suit with a broad brimmed hat became worn by Jim Carrey in the movie "Mask" increased the sale of zoot suits with vivid colors and designs. Zoot suits got stylish trendy look from the movies such as "Wild, Wild West" and "Matrix." The long stylish coat worn by Keanu Reeves in the movie "Matrix" has brought a new style in zoot suits.

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