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Italian Mens Suits

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History of Italian Men Suits

Mens suit came into existence during the starting of 1800s in England. There was great change in fashion world. The costumes became less decorative and were made in restrained manner. The English tailors produced simple and perfect cuts for the men's suit which fitted close to body. The kings, princes, and noblemen wore sober and simple men's suit. The men's suits were a combination of business wear and sports wear. Wool was one of the desired fabrics at that time.

During the 19th Century, when Britain had made good progress in the art of tailoring, Italy changed its old style of wearing costumes to accept modern form of clothing. In 1850, Castangia, Italy's first tailoring shop was opened.

There was progress in Italian textile industry when companies started manufacturing garments instead of producing just raw materials. Textile companies such as Somma Spa (now Vestimenta) and Oasi Zegna started manufacturing garments of better quality than the English woven textile products.

Canali, a company in Triuggio which is in Northern part of Italy, made suits from fabrics especially made from Biella region. Canali became popular as its suits had perfect cuts with hand rolled collars and hand set sleeves.

In World War II, the demand for Italian suits did not fade away. Even during the war, there was tremendous growth in Italian fashion world. In 1952, an exclusive men's store, Brioni, opened. This fashion house concentrated on manufacturing complete collection of men's wear. Another prestigious fashion house, Kiton, was founded by Ciro Paone who belonged to family which had for generations been in wool industry. Kiton got fabrics from the merino sheep bred in Australia and New Zealand.

The Italian fashion has produced one of the finest men's suits with perfect blend of colors, finest fabrics and patterns. The fabrics and finest designs have made the Italian suits appreciated all over the world. The ?made in Italy? suits the most preferable suits all over the world. Today, Kiton is considered world's largest number craftsmen, having 180 tailors.

For generations, Italian tailors mastered the art of making perfect Italian men's suit and have produced most fashionable clothes. This art has been carried on for generations from their children to their grandchildren and so forth to future generation. These extraordinary craftsmen took pride in creating Italian suits with perfect cuts and detailed attention to linings, pockets, collars, and sleeves. The Italian suits have various types of designs and cuts. The standard ?two-piece suit? comprise of jacket and trousers. For formal occasions, ?three-piece suit?is worn which consists of trousers, jacket, tie, and a waistcoat (vest). Usually, the men's suits consists of single breasted which has two or three buttons and double breasted which has four or six buttons from Mens USA.

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