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Dark Green Dress Shirt

dark-green-dress-shirt One of most underrated and underutilized color in menswear is green. It is a versatile color that you can easily dress up or down. If you are a person who loves to stand out from the crowd you can try out green dress shirts. So move from the usual white and blue dress shirts and add a green dress shirt to your wardrobe to look elegant and stylish.

The first thing that you will have to note when it comes to dress shirt is to select the shade of it. Most men tend to avoid green thinking that it is hard to pull off. But the key to rock the style is to select the right shade of green that will help you stand out but also will be appropriate for the event that you are attending. If you are going for a formal style it is best to go with dark green dress shirts. There are a lot of shades in green like emerald green, forest green, olive green and such. Darker hues of the color will be perfect for formal events and you can pair them with suits, tuxedos and blazers. For more casual purposes you can go with lighter shades of green. Dark green dress shirts are easier to style when compared with light shades ones. Apart from this you can also select the shade depending on the season you are intending to wear the green dress shirt. Lighter shades of green will be hard on the eye for a gloomy season like winter. Thus stick with dark green dress shirt for winter use. The light shades are best suited for brighter months like summer and spring. The dark green dress shirts are more versatile than the lighter hues since you can style them both as formal and casual garment. Here are some tips that will be of help if you choose to add a dark green dress shirt to your collection.

Green-5-Buttons-Suit Mens-Green-Fiber-Dress-Shirt Daniel-Ellissa-Green-Dress-Shirt Mens-Green-Fiber-Dress-Shirt

The material of the dress shirt is a good indicator of its quality. So select a fabric that you feel comfortable in and also consider the purpose of the dress shirt. For formal use that you pair with suits and blazers you should go with dark greencotton dress shirts. Cotton is a breathable material and thus is a good choice for wearing underneath the jackets. For casual purpose you can go with linen dark green dress shirts. Linen wrinkles easily and thus reserved for casual purpose even though they have better qualities than cotton. Linen is lightweight, absorbs and evaporates moisture faster than cotton. These two fabrics are the ones that are most preferred by men. Other than this you can go with fancy dark green dress shirts. Some of the recommendations are silk dark green dress shirts and shiny satin dark green dress shirts. The sheen of these materials will make you look great and elegant for the event.

Mens-Green-Fiber-Dress-Shirt As for styling tips in respect to the material of the dress shirts here are some recommendations. A light gray suit with cotton dark green dress shirt is a good choice for casual day at office. For a smart casual look you can pair the linen black and gold mens dress shirt with a beige suit. You can easily rock the look for events like beach weddings and rooftop parties. Silk dark green dress shirts can be worn separately with jeans or dress pants. A satin dark green dress shirt paired with beige chinos and dark brown leather Brogues is a great ensemble for an evening night out.

Apart from the solid dark green dress shirts you can try out the patterned ones. Plaid dark green dress shirts are a nice look for formal purposes. Striped tuxedo shirts are also a good choice. Other than this there are also a lot of casual patterned shirts like polka dot dark green dress shirts and printed dark green dress shirts. For a dressy style go with floral dark green dress shirts and paisley dark green dress shirts.

Mens-Green-Fiber-Dress-Shirt A plaid dark green dress shirt with brown waistcoat and navy jeans is a cool combo for your day to day wardrobe. Add the ensemble with a dark brown leather belt and a pair of brown suede casual boots. For a laid back look you can pair a floral short sleeve dark green dress shirt with white jeans and beige suede Chelsea boots. The short sleeve dress shirts are the ones that you should go with when you need a casual ensemble. You also have the option of rolling up the sleeves of the long sleeve dark green dress shirts. For example pair a long sleeve dark green dress shirt with navy chinos and dark brown suede tassel loafers for a classy and stylish look. You can also wear the long sleeve dress shirt with the sleeve rolled up over a white t-shirt and gray sweatpants and white leather low top sneakers to infuse extra cool in your current casual wardrobe. Thus the long sleeve dark green dress shirts are more preferred than the short sleeve dark green dress shirts. Other than the usual prints you can go with camouflage dark green dress shirts and leopard print dark green dress shirts. A dark green camouflage dress shirt with the long sleeves folded up paired with light blue ripped denim shorts and a pair of tan suede tassel loafers is a good off duty ensemble that can kick up the fashion factor of your outfit. For a more confident look you can pair the camouflage dark green dress shirt with crew neck t-shirt and blue ripped jeans. You can add a pair of black leather loafers to add a confident kick. Leopard prints are more casual and thus you can go with shirt sleeved ones. A short sleeve leopard dark green dress shirt paired with black chinos for a laid back look. You can pair it with black leather double monks to add a dose of elegance to the outfit.