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Overcoats / Top Coats

An overcoat is a long coat that is intended to be worn as the outer garment, to keep you feeling cozy and warm throughout those harsh winter months. During winter, when warmth is the most important choice we make regarding our outfit choice, a key problem solver is the overcoat. These coats traditionally are knee length or longer, providing the utmost comfort in the middle of a New York or Chicago's freezing cold winter. Over coats are usually made of a heavier material, wool, fur, and cashmere. Unlike over coats, topcoats are made from a thinner material, and are better used during the transitioning months, like fall and early spring. This is meant to keep you warm and fashionable and not over heated. In many countries wearing a gown or coat that falls below the knee is more of a symbol of social status or professional or military uniformity.

Although a fleece North Face jacket will keep you completely warm and cozy on any family outings, when you come to work, in a suit under this jacket, to the business world, you look like an amateur. If you want your overcoat to last you years to come, you want to assure that it is made of 100% wool or a Wool and cashmere blend. Full cashmere coats are nice, soft and a warm to wear, but they will eventually show wear on the cuffs, collar and moths tend to run to full cashmere. However, a perfect compromise to solving this issue would be to go with 90% wool and 10% cashmere and it will last without that wear and it will last you years. A good overcoat should weigh about 4 pounds (for your average sizes) and in general, the heavier the better and longer lasting. Nowadays, this coat has become a staple fashion piece to any businessman's attire.

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The single breasted overcoat with a notched lapel, is a more traditional style, whereas, the double breasted peak lapel overcoat is considered a little more formal and wears warmer due to the double layer covering the chest and torso. No matter the style all coats come in various lengths, as well. Similar to the notched lapel being traditional, the longer length coats are more traditional, also. These full length coats are often the coat of choice for the more seasoned gentlemen as they can compliment a broader range of figures, including those that are more round in the mid section. The trendier of the lengths, is the knee-length, which can fall anywhere from right above or below the knee. This look seems to appear best on the trimmer and more fashion forward young man. These knee length coats are made for the gentleman that wears his clothing closer to the body and appreciates a slim fit.

When choosing either a top coat or an overcoat, you should order the same size you would wear in a suit as the coats are cut to go over your size in a suit. This is for flexibility and to assure that your suit will not be wrinkled because it is stuffed in your outerwear. The extra provided space in the cut will also leave room in the shoulder area for the shoulders in your coat beneath to be able to fit in without being indented. Some men do prefer a more fitted coat, however, a clear indication of one fitting too tightly would be any X marks left on your suit from the buttoned up overcoat. Also, be aware of the quality, as you want this coat to last you for winters to come. High-quality coats have a sewn canvas, like the ones we carry here at MensUSA. Whereas, less expensive overcoats are fused together, and won't last long at all, as the glue will come loose, eventually ruining the coat in its entirety. The sewn canvas is definitely more durable and built to last. We also pride ourselves in carrying a large variety of sizes and styles of the overcoat. Along with a variety of styles, we also have many colors including, camel, dark brown, black, charcoal and navy.

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