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Mens pleated dress pant have distinct creases at the top-front part of the pant along the waist line. Folding the fabric and sewing it down before attaching a waistband have created these creases.

A flat-front pant on the other hand has a contouring feature called a dart that allows for the pant fabric to lie against the waist line and leg. What pant looks best on you totally depends on your build and what you are most comfortable wearing. Generally assumption would say that the more stick like or slender man should wear the flat-front while larger men will benefit from the pleated pants available extra space. This is not just a generalization for overweight men needed pleated pants, because the right flat front fit can also work for any size. However, if you have a larger quad or find yourself being a more athletic build, the pleat may be a benefit for comfort ability along with flexibility of the pant. Most men that participate in any kind of body-building, cross-fit, or competitive sports, such as football or soccer typically have a larger muscular leg build.

Being that pleated pants are more generous around the middle this allows for comfort and ease of movement. Because of this pleats are a constant option and don’t go in and out of style. You can find a pair of pleated trousers that are more of a tapered leg and still give a slimmer appeal, or a modern cut pleat, and everything to a wide leg 22’’ leg pleated pant. Pleats are more desirable for a man with a larger backside or athletic quads. Men that have more of an active job vs. sitting in an office also find that pleated pants are easier to move around in and function throughout their workday. Pleated pants should be worn at the hipbones at the natural waist. Slender and tall men may appear to have a sloppier silhouette when wearing overly baggy pleated pants due to way too much material around their waist line.

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Don't underestimate the power of the mens pleated dress pant, but don't allow for any feeling of being overwhelmed about the issue either. When selecting a pair of slacks or a suit, make sure that you take your time and actually try on the whole suit or slacks in their entirety, making sure you are completely comfortable with the fit you are purchasing.

The last thing that you would want during the middle of an interview or your work day would be to have your pants be uncomfortably fitting or, splitting down the rear/crotch. When buying a pair of new really well made slacks, they will require a hem by a professional tailor, so if you are unsure about a pair of pants you recently purchased, at the very least, get your local tailor’s opinion about the fit to assure that they will work best for your build.

Traditionally most suits used to come accompanying pleated pants, with no option of a flat front. Nowadays more of our two-button style suits come with more of a flat front option, whereas, three-button or more still come with the traditional pleat. We carry a larger variety than any other men’s suit store in the world, offering all different fits of pleated pants, vested suits, tuxedos, various colors and styles. Everything from mandarin collar suits, to purple tails, we are able exceptions for a slender man to be caught in a pair of pleated pants. The suit jacket acts as a complementing cover to the extra fabric or bunching that is created. Pleated pants will not look smooth or sliming without a suit jacket worn atop it. When purchasing suits pleated is still recommended for the larger build gentlemen who require more space for movement and wear ability. This would be an important factor to shopping for your next suit, especially if you are doing so online. If you are unable to try on different fits, before ordering, it is always easiest to go with the larger style and have it professionally tailored down to fit.

Finding Big Tall Italian Suits with Pleated pants has been made easy thanks to the many physical and online stores that are stoking them, what still remains a challenge is for big and tall people to get that perfect fit for their body frame and size. Like they say in the fashion industry no matter your taste, design or fashion sense the right fit can ultimately make or break an outfit.

22 Inch Slack Another very crucial factor to bear in mind is, not necessarily are all men big and tall some can be tall but not big while others big but not tall. Big can be connoted to mean a larger size in the mid-section that is the waist, chest, and hips whereas tall are in terms of height and can be any person 6'2'' or taller.

Every detail matters when it comes to fashion and most have learnt it the hard way. Most times we focus too much on the suit jacket or blazers while conveniently ignoring the rest of the garments. One such garment that tends to not attain much attention is the pants. When it comes to formal garments we tend to throw on anything that comes with the suit not knowing why the fit or style is as it is. Today we talk about the mens pleated dress slacks and why it is an important style to have in your wardrobe.

It might be almost impossible to not know what pleated dress slacks are but for people who are new to the formal styles and need some guidance we are here to provide just that. Mens pleated dress slacks refers to the slacks that come with the pleats. Pleats are the term used for the fold that is usually provided between the pocket and the fly of the slacks. This little tuck of the fabric makes the garment harbor extra material which later translates to extra room for the person wearing it. Male body has a narrower waist and thighs but the buttocks portion is wide. The fit offered by the mens pleated dress slacks is great especially for the men with bigger build since it provides more room where it is needed.

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Flat fronted trousers have been leading the menswear formal fashion for quite some time now. But this was always not the case and flat fronted trousers only came into existence because of an inevitable reason. While the World War happened there was a shortage for the raw materials and this included the clothing industry. Thus rationing of the materials was done and pleats were banned since it was basically extra fabric. Thus flat fronted pants were introduced but the style continued even when the war ended. Why should I go with the mens pleated dress slacks?

The main thing that makes the argument of the mens pleated slacks strong is the comfort offered by it. The extra fabric offered by the mens pleated dress slacks give the wearer room for the easy movements of the lower body. As mentioned before if you are a person with heavy middle portion then you should definitely consider going with the mens pleated dress slacks. This is because of the fact that the details offered by the mens pleated slacks can easily disguise the middle portion while in contrary flat fronted pants tend to attract more attention towards it.

Other than this there are also men who have thicker thighs and for men with this body type it might be quite uncomfortable to move around while wearing the modern slim cut pants. This is a common complaint among men who work out. But when they go with mens pleated dress slacks the pleats open to accommodate the bigger things while sitting and squatting thus making the person comfortably wear the garment throughout the day.

That being said this all might appear to point that mens pleated dress slacks aren't a good style for the tall and lean men. There is also an argument saying that the mens pleated dress slacks will give the lean person a baggy looking outfit. But when you choose the right style of the classic pleated dress slacks you can also rock the look with ease. You can take inspiration from the Italian style. These people wear pleated dress slacks with come with well fitted legs and the material is also light in weight. Thus make sure that you choose the right type of material and fit that will suit your need.

People who work while sitting for a long time and also people who are active in the work they do both will find the mens pleated dress slacks comfortable. Thus pleated dress slacks mens is a versatile style and all you have to do is to find the right ways in which you can style them.

Why aren't mens pleated dress slacks popular?

Now that you have read all the benefits of the mens pleated dress slacks as opposed to the flat fronted pants then there is a chance that you might be wondering why they haven't become popular. The simple answer is that they are now considered to be a old style. But one thing that you will note in menswear is that the styles keep coming back and it is only a matter of time. Thus we are positive that the mens pleated dress slacks will come back in style some time in the future and there is a chance of it happening soon since men are now moving towards fashion that feels comfortable rather than what looks cool. And the pandemic also has aided more this concept of comfort. Thus it will never be a waste if you add a pair of mens pleated dress slacks to your wardrobe.

What should I consider while buying pleated pants?

Like any other style there are various options with the mens pleated dress pants. Everyone has a different need and depending on this you can choose the one which will work for you. But here are some recommendations for you if you are a newbie to the mens pleated dress slacks style.

Focus on the fabric

Tan Slacks Usually people get the mens pleated dress slacks for formal use since we mostly made do with chinos and jeans for casual use. While you choose pleated formal dress pants you might look for durable fabrics since these are garments that you are going to be wearing for the whole day. Thus most would think of going with the pleated wool dress slacks or the pleated dress slacks tweed.

But we have already mentioned that because of the pleats the pants will give out a slightly bulky appearance and thus will be greatly noticeable if you are a person who is used to the mens flat fronted pants. If you want to avoid this make sure to go with the lightweight mens pleated dress slacks since they offer a better fitted look. Cotton pleated dress slacks and linen pleated dress slacks are the ones that are mostly recommended. But if you want a winter style and fixated on the heavier fabrics then it might be better for you to add cuffs at the end since it offers the garment a trimmer look.

Go through the types of pleats

There are various styles in the mens pleated dress slacks and you have to know your options to later pick out the best one.

Forward pleats: These are the ones that come at the front side of the trousers and usually lies between the fly and the pockets. These pleats open inwards towards the pants fly seam.

Reverse pleats: These pleats are structured in the way that it opens outward towards the trouser' pocket.

Each offers a different type of look. If you are a person who is used to the English tailoring then choose forward pleats but if you are an Italian by clothing then reverse pleats is your cup of tea.

The number of pleats matter

The number of pleats on the mens pleated dress slacks also matter. There are single pleats and double pleats. One thing that makes them different is the room that it offers. While the single pleated dress slacks would offer an optimum space for movement, the double pleated dress slacks give more than that. Thus depending on your body type choose the number of pleats.

But if you ask for our opinion we would suggest you to go with the single pleated dress slacks since lesser the better when it comes to the look offered. The single pleats on the slacks are placed in the center and thus blend with the crease that runs along the center. Also the single pleated dress slacks offer a sharper and longer look when compared to the double pleated ones. But if you want a relaxed and comfortable look then double pleated dress slacks should be your choice.

Go for high rise pants

Usually the flat fronted trousers are best to be worn at the hips on the low rise. But when it comes to mens pleated dress slacks then we advise you to go with the high rise wear. This is because of the fact that the extra fabric brought in by the pleats creates a high rise making it best to be worn on your natural waistline. Thus it would be best to keep your flat fronted pants for the low hip styles and go for high rise when it comes to pleated ones. Also remember that the mens pleated slacks tend to disguise the middle portion better and thus it only makes sense to wear them on the natural waistline.

Cuffs and breaks

These are some of the smaller details that usually tend to get ignored with the pants. But if you pay attention they matter a lot since they influence the look a great deal.

Blue Slacks The cuffs add visual weight to the bottom of the garment and it is usually recommended for the pleated slacks since it balances the look of the pleats. Thus when you go with the mens pleated dress slacks go with the cuffed ones but know that the addition of the cuffs makes it more casual and informal. If you want a stylish and contemporary look then leave out the cuffs.

As for the break on the mens pleated dress slacks it can give out a sloppy look. This is because of the fact that the break at the end of the pleated slacks interrupts the crease of the pleats this interrupting the sharp look. Thus it would be best if you go with the mens pleated dress slacks without the breaks on them.

How to wear mens pleated dress slacks?

If you are getting the mens pleated slacks for the first time and feeling conscious about the style then it might be best if you style the garment with the suit jackets or blazers. You might have guessed already why we make this suggestion. Yes, it is because of the fact that the jacket will cover the portion where the pleats come into play and thus giving you a simple and efficient style. When the suit jacket is buttoned it looks like you are wearing flat fronted pants even though you sport regular fit pleated slacks. But when you become quite comfortable with the mens pleated dress slacks style then you can flaunt your style by pairing the pleated slacks with the dress shirt or long sleeve shirts alone.

Brown Pant As for the styling you can make the look of mens pleated dress slacks work both for formal and casual events. We have already mentioned that the mens pleated dress slacks would work perfectly with the suit jackets and blazers thus making it the perfect choice. For example when you need a formal and classic look you can choose to style the long black pleated dress slacks with a white dress shirt, black tie and navy dress blazer. Complete this formal outfit by adding a pair of black leather oxford shoes. Other than this you can also choose to style the pleated velvet dress slacks with the tuxedos when you are dressing for the dinner events.

But you don't have to restrict the use of mens pleated dress slacks for formal purposes only. When you learn to style it properly pleated dress slacks would be the perfect style for summer and spring events. When you need a dressed down outfit you can choose to style the black trousers pleated slacks with a light blue long sleeve shirt and complete the look with black leather tassel loafers. Other than this you can also choose to go with patterned dress slacks with pleats. Stripe pleated dress slacks and windowpane pleated dress slacks are some of our recommendations which we think might help you rock the look.