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Mens Mandarin Collar Dress Shirt

If you are a person who is bored with the limited choices of formal clothing then mandarin collar Men's shirts must be the next thing you try. Mandarin collar Men's shirt is the perfect middle of the road look for the traditional and formal events where three piece suits might be too much but a simple kurta pyjama might also not work. Mandarin collar Men's shirt is an everyday casual look that you can rock to a traditional event effortlessly. In this article we learn about the mandarin collar shirts and styling tips that will help you use it in a versatile way.

light-blue-dress-shirt For people who don't know mandarin collar is a standing collar which with shorter than the usual collars. They are short, unfolded and hence stand up in the dress shirt or jacket. The collars of the mandarin collar Men's shirts start at the neckline and rise to about 2 to 5 centimetres. The length of the mandarin collar is curved and this can provide a beautifully curved look. The edges of the collar barely meet at the center but sometimes will overlap with each other. The origin of the mandarin collar dates back to centuries to the imperial china. These types of shirt collars is said to have worn by the mandarins in China and thus started to be known by that name. Many fashions from the East have influenced these suits. The mandarin collar Men's shirts slowly started entering the western fashion and they are having a new revival this season. The mandarin collar Men's shirts also have their fair connection with military fashion. The European military have been using the mandarin collar shirts for almost 300 years. They are still used in the modern day military uniforms to a great deal because of their comfortable look. The mandarin collar has also been used widely in clerical clothing. The mandarin collar suits have also been a traditional wear among the wealthiest families in India. These suits are known as bandhgala suits and have been a staple wear for traditional events. They are usually made from expensive fabrics like silk and have matching pants that makes the man look regal. The mandarin collar Men's shirts are also known by different names depending on the region you live in. Some call it Nehru collar shirts while some go with Chinese collar shirts. You can also refer it to as standing collar, high collar, granddad collar and many more.

People who are open to new styles and would like to add a little class to your look can go with mandarin collar Men's shirts. The main advantage with the mandarin collar Men's shirts is its versatility. These shirts have become a work staple in many countries through the world. The clean look of the mandarin collar shirts will help you create a blended look that is great for work atmospheres.

The mandarin collar Men's shirts are available in a lot of variations and you can choose the details based on your requirement. mandarin collarCotton shirts are the best for formal wear and look great when paired with suits and blazers. You can wear it to formal events like weddings and also as a daily work wear. Linen mandarin collar Men's shirts are best for summer use like beach weddings and rooftop parties. You can wear it formal clothes like suits and blazers but also with casual clothing like jeans and shorts.

The denim mandarin collar shirts are used as smart casual wear that can be worn for casual meetings with friends and casual dinners. For a dressier look you can go with silk mandarin collar Men's shirts that you can wear with suits or cotton slacks. The choice depends on the look you are going for and the formality of the event that you are attending.

As for styling the mandarin collar Men's shirts there are a lot of options you can go with. For a formal look you can match the mandarin collar Men's shirt with a suit and if required a tie. A mandarin collar light blue shirt? with a navy suit and black leather Oxfords is a good look for an office day. Pair the ensemble with a navy tie and black sunglasses for an enhanced look.

For a smart casual look that you can wear to occasions like weddings and such pair a mandarin collarWhite shirt with a dark green blazer and white slacks. Complete the look with a pair of double monk straps. This tie free style can be a office friendly look when you style it right. You should go with a long sleeve mandarin collar shirt that is buttoned up all the way for this look.

Purple-Banded-Collar-Dress-Shirts For a little more casual look you can wear a light pink mandarin collar Men's shirt with a pair of roller up chinos, a cardigan and a pair of dark colored Derby's. You can add a hat if you want a touch of the cool summer looks. You can match the black mandarin collar Men's shirt with a sweater and a matching pair of trousers for a perfect Sunday brunch look. Match the laid back look with a pair of tassel loafers.

For a casual summer look you can pair the long sleeve mandarin collar shirt with a pair of comfy shirts and suspenders. When you add a pair of white sneakers to the ensemble you will get a mixture of smart casual and casual outfit. When you are wearing the mandarin collar Men's shirts with formal outfits then you should go with slim fit mandarin collar Men's shirts.

Other than the solid shirts you can also try out the patterned mandarin collar shirts. These shirts are considered to be less formal than the solid ones and mostly worn with jeans and shorts.mandarin collar Floral shirts and mandarin collar polka dot shirts are the ones that match the whole laid back look. When it comes to this casual style you can opt to go with mandarin collar short sleeve shirts. As for the fit you can choose a roomier one like classic fit mandarin collar shirts.