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Mens Black Plaid Dress Shirt

Mens black dress shirt is one of rarely used garment in menswear but when used right can give you a rugged and masculine look. There are a lot of styles in mens black dress shirts and you can choose the one that best suits the event that you are attending. Plain black dress shirts can be used for formal and semi formal use but when it comes to patterned ones like black plaid dress shirt it is best reserved for semi formal and casual events. Here are some things you will have to note while purchasing the black plaid dress shirt and styling tips that can help you use it properly.

White dress shirts have dominated the formal mens fashion and the black dress shirts are rarely seen except for some dressy events. But when you know the basics it becomes easy to style the mens black dress shirts. The intensity of the pattern in the black plaid dress shirt determines the formality of the garment. If you want a formal look go with black plaid dress shirt with subtle incorporation of pattern in it. black plaid dress shirt with bigger patterns in it can be used for casual events.

Navy-French-Cuff-Dress-Shirt When you are getting the mens black plaid dress shirt the material of the shirt plays an important role. If you are getting the shirt to pair with formal clothing like suits and tuxedos go with black plaid cotton mens dress shirt. The fabric is breathable and keeps you comfortable even if you add layering like jackets and overcoats. A black plaid dress shirt paired with brown suit and aquamarine paisley tie is a good look for a casual day at office. Complete the look with a pair of brown leather double monks. Other than this you can go with a all black look while pairing the cotton black plaid dress shirt with a black suit and black leather Chelsea boots.

For a smart casual look you can pair the black plaid dress shirt with a beige blazer and navy chinos. This properly creates a balance between formal and casual and you can add a pair of black leather derby shoes. For these semi formal and smart casual looks you can go with black plaid linen mens dress shirt. Linen is the material that is most preferred during the hot days. They are lightweight and breathe better than the cotton. Thus if you are a person who dislikes sweaty backs then linen should be the pick for you. One drawback with linen is that they tend to wrinkle fast and thus is avoided for formal clothing. But if you are still interested then go with blended ones of linen with cotton or wool. A linen mens black plaid dress shirt paired with tan blazer and black chinos is a cool look. Paired with black leather loafers it can be made look classy. You can easily rock this look for parties and beach weddings.

If you are having a semi formal or casual wedding and are not very thrilled with usual black tuxedo attire then you can go with stylish attire. White suit paired with a black plaid dress shirt and black velvet loafers are a sharp and sophisticated look. For a little more formal look pair the black plaid dress shirt with a beige double breasted blazer and black dress pants. A pair of black leather Chelsea boots will work great with the dapper ensemble.

black-suits-for-men mens-dress-shirts French-Cuff-Black-Shirt

Other than linen shirts you can go with black plaid fancy mens dress shirt for special occasions. Silk mens black plaid dress shirt and shiny satin black plaid dress shirt are some of the luxury fabrics that will make you look dressy. A silk black plaid dress shirt paired with burgundy check blazer and black dress pants gives you laid back look. You can add a pair of burgundy leather tassel loafers and brown leather belt to complement the blazer. A black plaid shiny satin mens dress shirt paired with gray blazer, burgundy chinos and brown leather derby shoes gives you laid back refinement. But if you are attending a semi formal one like family dinner go with a slightly dressy look. A black plaid dress shirt paired with a charcoal suit and black leather Oxford shoes gives you a nicely coordinated outfit. Add a gold watch to complement the shirt.

slim-fit-dress-shirt The fit of the black plaid dress shirt matters a lot. Make sure that you get the right fit that greatly complements your body type. When thinking of formal use go with mens black plaid slim fit dress shirt. If the shirt is not fitted properly then it will also affect the jacket worn above it. For casual use you can go with roomier ones like classic fit mens black plaid dress shirt. A black dress shirt paired with burgundy brocade blazer and black dress pants gives your closet high sartorial standards. For casual use you can go with patterned shirts. The gold patterns on the black background create a great contrast and can give you a cool look. Other than the black plaid dress shirts you can also go with black paisley dress shirts and black floral mens dress shirts for a dressy look. For a semi formal look go with black plaid windowpane mens dress shirt or black plaid striped mens dress shirt.

Another thing that you need to note is the length of the sleeves. All formal outfits will need you to go with long sleeve black plaid dress shirt. The advantage with it is that you can wear it as both formal and casual styles. But the mens black plaid short sleeve dress shirt are best reserved for casual use like pairing with chinos.